Train Info needed hey, I saw on the web that there is an international train called Bulgaria Express, that goes from Sofia to Moskow...

...via Kiev, but i can`t find how much it costs. i wrote a mail, but i didn`t got a reply can some one tell me pls? i plan to go there in decembar. me and a friend. i am a student, 22 and he is 25, not a student... if it means something :) thx


Country: Bulgaria


Hi there,
yes there seems to be a train from Sofia to Moscow which is operated by BDZ but there is no new information on their website,It may be better to telephone them direct or go into Sofia Train station to enquire about the train.

I just called them - the oneway single ticket is 120 euro.

Hope this helps!
BR, Petya
Kiev thats in RS why you say that at me ;] you are from bulgaria
i took that train once, it was 250 leva one-way last spring, it goes 52 hours, with a long stop in kiev
It is 120 euro
The single ticket is 120 EUR and the telephone for more info is: +359 2 987-07-77
Hi ,I have full information because my mom travel with this train this year. :) Its 120 euro per person.You need to call here +359 2 987-07-77 for more information because sometimes the train is not from Sofia.
to 6to vai u4ites ne imeet zna4enie.vai uje vidili bilet stoit 120 evro lut6e vsevo zakazavat bilet i spalnie mesta v poezde za ranie!!!!
My advice is to forget about trains especially in December. Think about another alternative or other time of the year - best is April through October.
Hi! The onewayticket
Hi, I see you already got answers about the price and trip. You and your friend can use an InterRail pass on this train. Here is a useful link:
Of course, it will be useful if you plan a long trip or if you intend to travel extensively by train in these countries.

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