I will be back on thailand on January 4th 2010 with my mom and uncle and grandmother is First house hotel OK?


Country: Thailand


Excuse me, is it in Bangkok? If yes, it's ok. You can travel and enjoy easily
Have a look at and and see if they rate it? The ratings are a good guide. Have a wonderful stay here.
Have a look at and and see if they rate it? The ratings are a good guide. Have a wonderful stay here.
Have a look at and and see if they rate it? The ratings are a good guide. Have a wonderful stay here.
Since you've been here before, coming back with your living
genealogy it will be fine. Guess you have made your mind about First Hotel previously!!! Have fun in Krung Thep.
The First House Hotel is a good place to stay. A bit run down, but for the rates they offer a convenient location.

If First house hotel is on Pratunam area is ok hotel. It's just a little bit longer distance to walk to shopping area on Pratunam area. They have another the
hotel right by there call Watergate Amari Hotel is better hotel and right in front of all shopping area but I don't know about room rate. But if you want to stay in First hotel is fine too. But make sure is on Pratunam district. Have a great stay in Thailand.
Good hotel for the rates they charge
Right. Welcome Back to Thailand. It is good to spend a good time with family. Recently there are lots of New hotels in Bangkok. For four people travel together. It may possible to rent a 2 bedrooms flat. More fun, if have swimming pool that is prefer.

Why not send an email to and ask for consult. It save you time to look around on the site and you don't know what is good. Save Time and Money
yes man good place to stay no worrys you and your family will have a great time in Bkk!! Micha from Phuket
What do u mean by first house hotel?? a hotel right?? which area u want??
Depend on your budget...First House is very busy area.
the 1st hotel it's ok and convenient to walking around and shopping
Thank you to have an idea coming back to Thailand. If your mom, your uncle and your grandmother agree with you to stay in a hotel then it should be ok :-)
wow lots of big discounts in Bangkok now

I think to far from Skytrain and could get alot better value some where else
I've stayed in First House Hotel before, and I will never come back again. The rooms are very old, the bathroom is a nightmare! Molds all over! You can try these hotels within the same area: Citin Pratunam; Four Seasons International House (Filipino-owned guest house); First Hotel Bangkok.
hi ken, any email or contact number dun sa filipino owned hotel!!!
You will have to be a bit more specific to get a right answer. Like where in thailand is this and how old are your Uncle and Ant?
You might want to upgrade a bit from that hotel!!!!
The Swisshotel on Sukhumvit (soi 11 I think) is OK, The are is good too for shopping & restaurants.
For the cheapest rates and an excellent selection of hotels I'd take a look at , that's where I always book... easy online booking and the hotels include reviews from previous guests, which can be VERY useful to give you an idea of the places.
if you stay in Thailand for one month or can rent some apartments in BKK or around sukhumwit is k^^
or if you stay in Thailand not can book a hotel there
Enjoy your staying

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