Off to #SriLanka in Feb for volunteer/travel. Any tips while I wait for my LonelyPlanet book from Amazon?


Country: Sri Lanka


Welcome to trekking around Kandy
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you will find tips about Sri Lanka at
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We Haka Team. Send a direct mail to us with your idea, interests and age. we can send correct locations and important hint free of charge as a service. same time you can visit our web site and get a idea. ( )
we make only responsible, e-co friend tourism only.
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Ofcaurse thats a good idea. Planining ahead with all resources is great. As many have already commented about your querry ithink i should tell something different. what you will likely to hear from your book willbe almost same like the various proffesional openion given by certain members of this site. They are full time invlovement in travel related services will cater most of your needs but will be loaded with commercial aspects. You can contact me for advice from a genuine perpective of helping a friendly traveller from an another travel enthusiastic. So feel free to contact me on my mail so that i can advice you on certain things that will be helpful inline with your needs , purpose of the travel. Cheers to you.
you are wel come to sri lanka,and i am from southeran part the country.
when you are in sri lanka some how we can help you.
also you can visit web site
have a nice a day
It's fine to hear you'll plan to visit Sri Lanka for volunteer/travel in February.
I am the President of one of the oldest volunteer organisation in Sri Lanka.
In February 26th we have our 27th annual leadership training program in Colombo It's for children.
We have lots of volunteer programs around the country. You can visit / attend volunteer program around Sri Lanka.
If you are interesting pl. contact us. e mail: , Web : www.
I am not sure what tips you want for yout trip to sri lanka, I have been in the tourism industry since 2001, and my expetise is adventure tourism, if you would like to know more about adventure tourism tips you may contact me on

If you would like i can hook you up with one of tours as a volunteer staff to go for a outing on White water rafting/trekking or camping night. do let me know
I'm not an expert on volunteer organizations in Sri Lanka. But I suggest that you contact your Embassy or HiCom once in Sri Lanka or even better, email them your interests and time available and they can put you in touch with the correct parties. Lot's of help needed over here, but sometimes a bit hard putting your finger on the right key to find who needs it and what they actually need. Just had some devastating floods on the East Coast and they will probably be looking for volunteers to rebuild houses and replant crops lost in the flooding. I kayaked 200 km down the Mahaweli Ganga (the longest river in Sri Lanka) last year and learned that most of the villages and small towns I paddled past are no longer there. That's where help is needed. Good luck. Kurt in Colombo.

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