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Knuckles Mountain Range (
Sri Lanka has many thousands years old rich culture. Even today we can see their ruins. They have build up big tanks like seas and giant buildings like story modern buildings.
So I am interesting to visit and see old ruined cultural cities in Sri Lanka.
Sri Lanka has hundreds of attractions - literally. However, I list my top 10 (in no particular order).
1. Temple of the Sacred Tooth (of Lord Buddha)
2. Kandy Perahera
3. Ancient metropolises of Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa (with many large ancient tanks and the great stupas)
4. Sigiriya Rock Fortress
5. Pristine beaches of the East
6. Safaris in Yala, Udawalawe, Wilpaththu and Wasgamuwa
7. Dambulla Rock Temple
8. Hiking in the breathtaking (literally and figuratively) Kunckles/Dumbara range
9. Sprawling Tea gardens
10. Eco tourism (in Sinharaja primary forest etc)
nelaveli beach
Nuwara Elya
Wildlife - Heritage - Waterfals & Beaches
It all depends on what you are interested in, If you are a nature lover, Sri Lanka could be the ideal place for you, As it was called the Paradise island of the Indian ocean, because some say when God created the world for Adam and Eve that this was the place that they lived in, with blue skies, sunshine, cascading water-falls, blue mountains,lush green virgin/rain forests, palm fringed beaches.
Those who love animals, Dolphins or whales -Through out the year there are places where you could see them in plenty.
And every 2 -3 hours of travel in the island, its always a different picturesque scene altogether, from the sunny beaches through the rubber tree plantations, tea estates, water falls, winding up to the hills where the air is fresh and crisp and see vast plains, plateaus with bonsai like trees of different ing down to the north central province across paddy cultivations, man made lakes, tanks, reservoirs, where the kings ruled the country, you see vast statues ,ruins of castles, stupas made out of stone, with a history that goes back to the 1st century.Many Sri lankans are descendent's of the traders who came along the silk route from China, Burma India, Mongolia, Sumatra, and Jawa islands, and Arabia and the invaders from Europe for gems, Ivory, Peacocks,and spices.And therefore, Colombo is still a mixture of Asian smiling faces and different cultures and traditions.
Sigiriya (The Rock Fortress)
Sigiriya (The Rock Fortress)
Its because of the very ancient kingdoms & Buddhist Historical Places which has very large Buddha statues, pagodas, Temples etc, Sri lanka is surrounded with a beautiful beach. Mild weather conditions all through the year makes life easy there.

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