I will be travelling to Bahia shortly checking out the best pousadas to add to the guide- If anyone has...

...any recommendations for places in wonderful locations with great service, style and personality, please let me know. I'll be in Imbassai, Praia do Forte, Salvador, Lençois, Capão, Itacaré, Ilheus, Taipu de Fora, Barra Grande and Boipeba.


Country: Brazil


unfortunatelly I'm too far away from Bahia.
If you're comming to São Paulo, let me know! I'll be happy to help you!

Best wishes
Hi Gustavo- I'll be down in São Paulo and S Brazil (Santa Cartarina, Parana, RS) in last 2 weeks of October so if you have recommendations for pousadas there please let me know. Thanks, Alison
If it were Rio, I'm sure I'd match the profile you seek.
As it were, either of two very capable partners of mine in SSA would possibly be a good choice. I have their skype aliases: [seewolfbaer] for Gustav, and [connibahia] for Conny. These can make ALL the arrangements, and probably at better fare. You might want to tell it was Jim who sent you.

skype: [aybloc]
I have been in a nice small pousada in salvador ( Pousada O NinhoEnd.: Rua Afonso Celso, nº 371 -Barra - Salvador - BA CEP - 40140-080) to me it was really good , you can take a look anyway, also if one day you decide to visit the Amazon it will be great to give all the suport for your info search.
I live in Jericoacoara - Ceará. If you will visit this area send me a mail and I might be able to help:
Hi! Good choice traveling to Bahia. I can give you some recommendations concerning Itacaré...You know of course that there are lots of pousadas, it depends only on how much you're willing to pay. Try pousada Shangri-La at Tiririca Beach
Or O Pharol pousada (with a lot of pets, cats and dogs) for little money...Taipu de Fora is very beautiful and expensive, Barra Grande til now very cosy :
Boipeba very lonely and very beautiful.
Look also at Arraial d'Ajuda, 350 km south of Itacaré, with some attractions like Trancoso, Caraíva, Praia do Espelho, Coroa Vermelha. There stay at the HI Arraial d'Ajuda Hostel
(Hostelling International). Good luck and enjoy your stay! Abraços
Hello Alice I live in Armação dos Búzios, near Rio de janeiro, is a very nice place, I can found out acommodation in a house thats is neighbour of mine and I will be ready to help you and friends in all yours needs, we have a lot of nice places very near like Arraial do Cabo and Cabo Frio even Rio de Janeiro is only a 160Km far from here.
Surf on this page.:
. If you don't get, ask me for more options!
There are great places at Praia do Forte. However there are cheaper pousadas with the same standards at Itacimirim, wich is very close to Praia do Forte. Many people stay somewhere in Itacimirim and spend all day at Praia do Forte.
You should definitely go to Praia do Encanto in Morro de Sao Paulo, look for Neide there.

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Lots of Pousadas in Bahia.
Bahia is great, makes everyone wishing to live there!

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