True Bahia?

I'm re-developing program for the groups we take to Brazil. I'm searching for a new partner to work with in Salvador and around Bahia. I don't want the ones focused mainly on tourist areas, I want someone who can show also something off the beaten path (the groups are small so there should be no problem). Therefore I don't search for agency that works only for money but is also focused on people. Any suggestions?


Country: Brazil


Contact me and we can work something out. My email:
You can find me on facebook also.
Check my profile at Localyte.
Hi Ana!

Well, good question - there are so many differente tourist agencies in all of Brazil. However, I do know one that I can recommend - - the owner is called Alison, she's English and has lived in Rio de Janeiro for many years. She has a good feeling for finding the unspoiled and unique experiences.

My interest is merely as a "non-profit" user sharing good experiences with open minded people.

I have know Alison for a couple of years and from time to time we meet up for cultural events, especially Jazz sessions, in Rio de Janeiro.

Give it a try - she's a very sweet and interesting person.

Good luck - all the best.

Thanks Thomas- that accounts for why I couldn't find your comment on facebook! If anyone wants more info on hand-picked pousadas anywhere in Brazil do check out the site or contact me personally on
Hi Ana,
i'm sorry, but i don't know much about bahia, i'm from Rio.
I don't think i'll be able to help you, i really don't even know anyone from bahia.
Good luck on your search.

Rute Duarte

Look for Neto, at Bicho do Mato.

The website is - all the contacts are in there.

His company does mostly transfers, but he personnaly does tour arrangements, having already worked for Butterfield & Robinson.

Besides knowing Bahia, Salvador and Itacare like few, he is quite a good soul.

I met him while living in Bahia, where he was a key person at Txai Resort.

I sincerely hope that you meet him.

Good luck,

Hi Ana -

I am an international Tour Manager taking small, medium and big groups on a regular basis into Salvador.

Please look into

I can warmly recommend Mr. Bruno Victoria ( ) who has been my local contact for several years, and who is a great professional and has absolut knowledge of Salvador and surrounding area, off the beaten track, and many personal contacts as well.

Please contact Bruno or myself for more info..

Kind regards..

Niels J. Petersen
If it were Rio, I'm sure I'd match the profile you seek.
As it were, either of two very capable partners of mine in SSA would possibly be a good choice. I have their skype aliases: [seewolfbaer] for Gustav, and [connibahia] for Conny. These can make ALL the arrangements, and probably at better fare. You might want to tell it was Jim who sent you.

skype: [aybloc]
Hello! What kind of things you look for? How old are these peoples? I know the Historic City San Felix - Cachoeira! I have to wonder what these people expect the visit to Brazil! Await us! Kisses! My English is not perfect, but can you undestand me? no? :) Bye Bye
Hi. True Bahia is a lot more then beaches, SSA... Perhaps y should specify what you desire to show your guests: social work, capoeira, jungle tours, raffting, walking/trekking, favelas, agriculture,... Concerning diversity Itacaré is a good option offering a lot: surfing, canoeing, raffting, jungle, off-road tours. If looking fot social-work contact perhaps y should contact a german agency: They already offer sometimes trips with this kind of contacts. My virtual adress for further infos: Abraços
My name is Juha, working now 11 years with groups and fits in Bahia and all over in South America. We have been focus off the beaten tracks and social/culture tourism. Feel free and take a look our website: and/or gove me a call or write to me. I am happy to gove you suggestion of itineraries... here comes the fast one.:

1-3 days Salvador
3-7 days Chapada Diamantina (Paty Valley trekking)
then beach few days , mayeb Boipeba island or Marau, Mangue Seco a lot of good options...... and last days in Salvador again.
Im happy to send complet itinerary....

Juha Paltila
I totally agree with your concept of showing the REAL Brasil as opposed to tourist spots. Unfortunately I don't have expertise in the northeast (Bahia) but if you would like to add tours to the interior of Brasil, especially far to the south (from Palmas to Goiania and Cuiaba to Uberlandia, Matao, Sao Carlos, Rio Claro, to Campinas and Santos), I would LOVE to be involved!
Hi Ana
You've already heard about the site . Check it out in a month and you'll find another 10 pousadas up there to choose from.

If you need services apart from accommodation talk to Paul Barnett at Pearl Travel Guides They have a new travel partner based in Salvador who can help.

Boa viagem e boa sorte

Hi, have you ever been in Bahia? I m completly in love about that place. I m from Fortaleza, Ceará, Brazil. But my second home is Salvador da Bahia. The sea food, the tribal's beats and the incredible people and beaches made me fall in love totally. I was making a plan with a friend mine who lives in Salvador. He is a police man, studying Enginner, very busy , but he showed me all the good places and is clear that is not so hard to explore in a positive way what they naturaly created. I had planned how to do, but almost alone is impossible to make it happens. In this moment I am in Germany. I was thinking about give samba classes here, contact my friends who works with capoeira in Europe and creat small groups to go to Brazil. Here almost everybody have curiosity to visit Brazil. If you want to talk more , we can share our plans and work together. My email and msn is . But if you add me you must to advise me who you are, ok? Anyway, I wish you the best.
Hi Ana!
Unfortunatelly I live faaar far away from Bahia. It's a shame but I didn't have the opportunity to visit there yet!
If ou need any help getting to know São Paulo, or places down South, I'm sure I can help!
Have a great trip!

Best wishes

I´m sorry but I dont know anyone in Bahia. but you can send an e-mail to . His name is Mauro and he knows many people around Brasil. Tell him you Know Daniel (its me) and he will try to help you! good lucky
I live and work in Arraial D' Ajuda, Bahia, in southern Bahia. I specialize in small group adventure travel and would be interested in learning more about you and your company. We focus our trips on off the beaten path, personalized itineraries that allow our guests to "travel like a local". Please contact me at your convenience.
Unfortunately i don't know anybody because i live in Rio, But i will try ask to my friends and help you later!
Arraial d' Ajuda and caraiva are the right places to be however these spiritual hippie villages strange enough have European prices. I would love to organise trips in the area ( see .br )like hiking, bycicle trip, visit the Indians,beach walk from Arraial to Trancoso, whale watching.
hello Ana! Bahia is beautiful, good choice. I live in south´s Brazil (Florianópolis) and here we have incredible beaches and places too, if some day you have interest you can contact me by email to - I liked your idea, and I feel sad because all the tourism from other countries (Europe or USA) go to the brazilian north-east, you don´t know what you are loosing, the south is amazing too!!!
Woooow... felt already lost but your answers gave me new hope :))) Thanks to all of you; I think i have enough contacts now to start again with my work...
And to all of you living more South/North; I hope Brazil will become a 'big hit' and when i'll have the possibility to expand it, I know now whom to contact :)
Um abraço, Ana
You mean someone that takes the work in Tourism as a very human activity, and that understands the real needs of people who is traveling and gives its dedication to each one of the group, reprogram trips and many other details that we an talk by phone. I would like to show others the ral essence of this wonderful place. I spent a year in Morro de São Paulo Island Bahia. you can call me 005541 88207601. best regards German.
you should contact us:
We can provide anything you may need with high level of professionalism and people loving.
Hi, we can be the solution to your search, we are the representative of the Like-a-Local in Bahia and we are dedicated to receive tourists alone or in groups in a more friendly, not only based on money, but to meet and understand the individual and collective interest of the group.

We get tourists like we're getting a friend Foreigners.

On our website we have examples of scripts and programs can make unique to you.

Even in tourist places, we give another point of view.

I look back, send e-mail

Andre Saback - or

(55) (71) 9133-2189
I wish I could help you before!
I know real guides like you mentioned here in Rio.
I think jane bell will be the person you are looking for, her email is
well tell me a bit more what you want and how big are your small groups ??

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