Hello, does anyone know the Macchu Pichu trains timetable in Peru


Country: Ecuador


they leave very early in the morning. more importantly however, they don't leave from Cuzco directly anymore (30min outside the city) or also in the afternoon from oyantaytambo and tickets are booked out days if not weeks in advance. once you get to Cuzco go to the train station (the only place to buy the tickets) immediately!
Hi please visit this webpage there is info of the timetable and also you can reserve tickets, have a good day
Or try this other one:Viajar a Perú
- Cuzco, Machu Pichu, Lima, etc Información para viajar a Perú.
Hope you have lot of fun, Raul
Go to , that´s the best website to check itineraries.
Hi there,
As our friend Fernando said, we use the same guide for time table for the train.
Enjoy your trip
Hi, you can check timetables on
Timings To Machu Picchu From Machu Picchu
Premium 06:01 to 10:35 15:01 to 18:00
Regular 10:36 to 16:00 10:01 to 15:00
Economy 05:30 to 06:00 & 16:01 to 22:00 05:30 to 10:00 & 18:01 to 21:00

enjoy ur trip
here they give u the whole info bout it

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