Bhaya Cruises is organized a filming project for its boats in Halong Bay. We are working with a professional French agency for the...

...filming from Sep 19 to 22, 2009 We are looking for several Caucasian couples and families for the filming purpose. Bhaya Cruises can offer you a fun trip with meals, soft drink & shuttle transportation from Hanoi. Departure time will be at 08.00 am on Sep 19 and return to Hanoi on Sep 20 around 08 pm. If you are interested in the filming trip, please contact Ms Chi at Bhaya Cruises Office at or call: 3944 6777 for more details


Country: Vietnam


Not include a returnflight from Saigon ???
what about asian ? lol no return trip to HCM ?
It sounds great, but what a pity, I'm in Ho Chi Minh city. Good luck ^o^!
Lol, what about return trip to HCM?
This is
That's great! But I'm in Can Tho.
Have your good trip!
I am in saigon, we offer the ticket to me to come Hanoi;d
Wow, it is a pity we don't have guests on those days to travel for free!


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that's great!!but i living in nha trang
good luck!!
oh my.. i'm in SGN... if you provide me air ticket i will come... hahahahahaha..
oh my.. i'm in SGN... if you provide me air ticket i will come... hahahahahaha..
what a pity !i'm learning so i can not go there !have a nice trip
Hope we can corporate to do our business in the future. Good luck!
how about an asian couple??^^
Hi Chi,
How about if I pay my own airfares?
Hi anh Shane,

Sure, if you can arrange flight ticket, we can offer you a nice cruise.

Wish also to thank for your contribution for the write up for Bhaya


We are in Hue City. We have many caucasian customers who might be interested. We can book bus tickets Hue - Hanoi, if needed. Sleeper bus or regular seats.
I would be happy to arrange bus tickets, or provide transport to the airport, for anyone who wishes to fly from Hue to Hanoi for your project.
Bus tickets could be for the sitting or sleeper bus, departure 2 x per day. Transport to and from the airport can be arranged for any number of travellers, at any time of day.
If you need any other services while in Hue, we may be able to help; just ask.
Thank you your guys all for your reply and supports! I already had several couples signed up for the date. If you have friends or colleagues who are interested, please let me know. Ideally, couples in their forties or fifties would be great

Cheers & thanks


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me am in my 40's and my boyfriend too, are we qualified?????
Is there any special offer for person(s) from Saigon or if I can invite a couple (mix of Asian and Westerner), what can I get from the offer? kekekeke

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