Hi there we are very interesting to visit Vietnam one day, can you give the best advice for a good place to visit,hotel rate ( simple... & reasonable) not expect 4* or 5 * htl,trsnport cost.thanks


Country: Vietnam


ONE DAY? Thats an awfully short time and you will get no idea about the landscape, customs or people in that time.
If you are arriving (and leaving) from HCMC, just get in a taxi at the airport and ask the driver to take you to PHAM NGU LAO area and to get you a hotel.
The taxi will cost you about 80,000VnD, and the hotel will be good quality and be no more than about $25. Cheaper are available.
taxi driver will know a lot of hotels in that area, and in the short time you plan, you can at least go to the Ben Thanh market and sample one or two Vietnamese meals.
Have a good sleep.
Too short a visit! That being said, I would recommend Ha Noi, the capital. Here you can see the Ho Chi Minh museum and mausoleum, the Old Quarter, the museum of Ethnology and eat some good food. A decent hotel in the old quarter will run from $16-30 USD.
I think that both HCM city and Hanoi is not the suitable city to visit now.B/c in HCM city, it always rains from the afternoon to night and you can not go anywhere and Hanoi is very hot in the summer. I recommend that you should go to Da Nang or Nha Trang city, it's a little hot but it has the long nice beach and you can enjoy your vacation there. in Nha Trang, you can book the room at Yasaka Hotel, which is opposite to beach with $20/night plus buffet at breakfast.
Hi there, you're my first questioner. Thank you. Well, for simple traveling in Vietnam is cheap, however it'd be a little tricky with prices (always need bargain..); always ask for the price, then bargain for at least 1/2 of that. The hotel with simple facilities (like air conditioners, double bed, TV, bathroom..) would cost you round USD$10/day. These hotels are pretty small, you can easily find them around the center of HCMC. For transport: you need to hire a bike (scooter type), costs USD$3/day (gas on your expense). Also, like any other developing country, you need to take care of your own stuff while on street, stealing may happen. I hope I didn't discourage you to visit my country. Regards.
Hi there
thanks for your info on and your honest to inform me about your area in Vietnam.i have plan next year to visit your country.I will keep contact to all of this site team at your country especially to you.
What a pity you come to Vietnam only for a little while. It depends where you will first enter Vietnam. If you are in Ha Noi there will more things to do in just one day, such as: Ho Chi Minh mausoleum, Ho Chi Minh museum, Quoc Tu Giam, Sword Lake...
Dear Ariawan,

I guess you are from Indonesia, which have direct flights to Ho Chi Minh City. For one day in Ho Chi Minh City, you can visit lots of sites such as Chinatown, Ben Thanh Market, which is most popular place for all tourists to HCMC, the city's old Post Office, the History Museum, etc...

It costs you only 4USD for one way airport transfers to and from your hotel in town HCMC.

For hotel, we can book for you at a very good 3-star hotel located only 20m away from Ben Thanh Market, District 1. Its rate from USD 41 to USD 55 per room per night included breakfast and taxes.

For any further information, please feel free to contact us at

Thank you and best regards,

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Send me an email with all detals : how many persons, budget for hotel, how many days, which period, ... and I will send you an offer
For Visiting Hanoi u need at least 2day city tour, 2 days in Ha long Bay and 2days in Sapa.
For visiting HCMC U need at least 1 day city tour, 1/2 day Cu Chi tunnel., 2 day mekong delta,
So hope u can make a plan for ur trip
Have a nice day
Hi I have lived in Hanoi for over 10 years and there are so many changes, but the center of Hanoi all evolves around Hoan Kiem which is a historical lake, and around that area not much has changed, only the traffic.
Hotels around there are reasonable, taxis know what you need.
Lots of things to see around Hanoi but in a short time it will go so quickly.
If you want to visit VN in one day, wow you have to come back one more time :)

You can spend one day in Hanoi - the capital of Vietnam. There are many places that you should visit such as Hoan Kiem lake, west lake, temple of literature (thats our first university), see the water puppet show, silk village, pottery village, many nice pagodas, the old quater, bia hoi corner, nightlife...

Hotel rates for 3 stars hotel are flexible from $40-$60 per nite, for hostel about $9-$12. If you want to book the hotel, I can help you, no problem. The transportation from Noi Bai airport to center of Hanoi about $12-$15 if you catch the Noi Bai taxi, if you book car pick-up of hotel, is much more expensive about $30 per way. In order to go around Hanoi, you can walk, or can go by taxi (expensive), or go by the most popular transport - Xe om ( motorbike taxi), cheap and convenient. Vietnamese people are very nice, friendly, helpful and always smile (people said that, not me ;).

Have a nice afternoon!

If you just get 1 day to know Vietnam,you should go to Ha noi first. From Noi Bai airport, you can go straight to ancient town in Hanoi,buy a tourism map and take a city tour by your own.You can use taxi to go everywhere that you want, just pick a few outstanding places of the capital( cuz you don't have lots of time)such as Sword Lake,Ho Chi Minh museum, One column pagoda, mausoleum.Try to finish the capital city before noon.Take a flight to Danang, after that take a bus to Hoi An ancient town-Quảng Nam province( 10.000 VND/30 minute/ 1 turn). Sight-seeing a town, try some special cuisine here like Cao Lầu...Come back Danang aiport by bus (7 am to 17pm) or taxi.Take a flight to Hochiminh City( 1 hour flight).And in the evening, you can try Vietnamese cuisine at "Ngon" restaurant on Nam kì Khởi Nghĩa Street.After that you can totallly relax in the cafeterial, looking Sài gòn( Hochiminh City) at night from the top of the 33 floors building (nearby the ciy zoo).enjoy your trip!
Hehe, the fellow will die taking your advise. 1 day for 3 cities?
Dear Ariawan,

Oops! I think people understood differently from your request!? You meant some time in future you will be visiting Vietnam not you will visit Vietnam for only one day!? There are lots of interesting places to visit such as Hanoi, Halong Bay, Sapa, Hue, Hoi An, Nha Trang, Saigon and Mekong Delta. It depends on how many days you have to include all those or some of them.

Hotels are reasonable this year and also in 2010 due to the economical crisis. The rates vary from USD 35 to 60 per room per night included taxes and breakfast.

Just give me a line and we can propose the right one for you. My email is

Best regards,

Truong. Sept 1

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Hi Tl Quang
thanks for your understanding that what I meant,next year I will plan to visit your country for 7 days ( not one day) with our family.and we need to know about your interesting places,reasonable cost htl &transportation.We have tour & travel and we plan to inspect first then we will send our group and promote your nice country.
hi !how many people in your group ?if you come here,you can book hotel about 200.000 VND ( 12 usd /day ) for two persons,if you are big group you can book couple room for 4 or 5 persons with only 400.000 VND (24 usd/day).i think it's cheap price with good quality (include television,toilet,air conditioner and refrigerator).If you want to know more information ,you can contact with me by chat on yahoo , YH : phuctruong87 or MSN :
Hi, I'm glad to introduce you my country. I live in the South and I've just visited few places so my best advice for you is Hoi An. This is an old city which is famous for latterns and traditional stuffs such as conical hats or handicrafts. Honestly, this place is very beautiful and worth to see.
About the hotels, most hotels are nice and I suggest that you should search online and book before going there because there are a lot of visitors.
About foods, well, you don't have to worry about that, there are Vietnamese and Western foods because most of visitors there are foreigners.
I hope you guys have a good time there.
Hi, I'm glad to introduce you my country. I live in the South and I've just visited few places so my best advice for you is Hoi An. This is an old city which is famous for latterns and traditional stuffs such as conical hats or handicrafts. Honestly, this place is very beautiful and worth to see.
About the hotels, most hotels are nice and I suggest that you should search online and book before going there because there are a lot of visitors.
About foods, well, you don't have to worry about that, there are Vietnamese and Western foods because most of visitors there are foreigners.
I hope you guys have a good time there.
Hi, There're many beautiful places to visit in Vietnam like Halong bay, Sapa, Mai Chau, The North-West Area, The North-East area, Ninh Binh, Hue, Hoi An, Nha Trang, Dalat, Mui Ne Saigon, Mekong delta, Phu Quoc island ...Now, it only depends on how much time you will spend in Vietnam and what your priorities to plan your trip. Let's us arrange for you.
To Find out your answer for this question : How much time is enough to see Vietnam? Copy this link and paste to your Internet broswer to see our suggestion:
if u enjoy history, museum, and shopping in VN u can visit HCM or Ha Noi. if u like beaches, Ha Long and Nha Trang will be best. Transportation cost is not expensive, u can travel by bus, "xe om", taxi,... Hotel about 25$/day (good hotel), average hotel in PNLao street about 15$/day.
If u plan to visit HCM, contact me for further information. :D I'm glad that u like my country.
Hi, I think all above answer are very good and enough to give all information, so you can consider before deciding. i give you the link that i take it in Hanoi and sapa so you can enjoy

Hi Ariawan,
Now that you have a lot of information, you can make a 'plan' based upon your travel dates/times in each place.

Once you have a rough plan, then you can send it to me and I can arrange the whole trip (accommodation, guides, transport, etc.) for you. It is like your own exclusive, personalized tour.

Hi Ariawan, If your family is here next year, I am willing to be your city guide and friends. I require nothing but open-minded attitude. I love to make friends. If i am free at that time, I ll help. If I'm not, you can ask me for advices anytime. Contact me if you are here
Hi Ariawan,
Welcome to Danang city, center of Vietnam. You can search it on net, a wonderful city with most beautiful beach of Vietnam and one of famous one of the world. China beach with beautiful seaside, Monkey mountain, Bana Highland inside the city, alot of world heritages such as My Son, Hoi An, Non Nuoc, etc. The city has several new and charming bridges over the long river through the city. You will not forget when visiting Danang city.
International airport is very near the city center (one mile), highways connect through all sightseeings. You can find very cheap rate hotel inside the city, from USD15/standard room/night. Ask me if you need further information. Have a good day!
I think you mean that one of these days you will visit Vietnam, am I right? Anyway if you plan to go here next year its better to go at the early part of the year but not during Tet Holiday which is sometime february(not to sure though on the exact date). January or March would be fine. If you go to Ho Chi Minh City you can actually see everything you can see in 1 or 2 days. But it really depends on what you want to do. Is it sightseeing, shopping, etc.? Going outside the city would give you more things to see. If you go to Hanoi October next year will be the best time since Hanoi will be having a big celebration for its 1000th year anniversary. And when you are in Hanoi its good to visit Halong bay and Sapa. Keep in touch!
One day is too short since Vietnam's culture is rich and different from north. I recomend you 3 bigest cities in Vietnam in the order from N to S.
1. Hanoi-Capital: In the fall and you should come to Van Mieu Quoc Tu Giam (very first university in Vietnam), Hoan Kiem lake and Ngoc Son temple (where the King return his sword to the lake's lord). It will cost you half day and th rest you should just walk around :). Don't go shoping for the first time unless u wanna be "on the table"
2. Hue (The Old Kingdom land): where the last king lived. There are plenty places to visit: Castles of the Kings, Temples,tombs. 2 must come is Tu Cam Thanh and Chua Thien Mu. The food at Hue is nice and spicy
3. Ho Chi Minh city (Saigon): Bigest and most developed. Every thing is easiest to find. 2 Must come: Independent Building and Duc Ba Church - City Post Office. Then just walk around Dong Khoi street and you'll find alot of things. Come to Ben Thanh market just to see, not to bye anything (again).
These are some link in case u need info abt hotel:

When in Vietnam, you really shouldn't miss Hue City. As the old Imperial Capital, it is a must - see. Some things to see and do:
Explore the elaborate, architecturally fascinating tomb-compounds of the old emperors, see the imperial citadel (the walled city and the palace, as well as the old Forbidden City), visit the oldest pagoda in the area (built in 1601), relax on the beach, visit Ghost City, visit nearby Bach Ma National Park, take a ride on the switchback roads through the breath-taking Hai Van Pass, take a day tour of the old Demilitarized Zone and see some of the key strategic spots of the war, including the Vinh Moc Tunnels....And so much more.
There are many hotels in Hue, to suit every budget. We have many mini-hotels, where you can stay for a very reasonable price, usually from 10 to 35 dollars per night.
Hi t nguyen
thanks,looks I will contact you next year,send your email to me on this site.
Hi, You need about 10 days to cover all the highlight places from Norh to South Vietnam. Come to experience the local culture: eat, drink and sleep in the local way, but lots of fun!
See us at for more details info about Vietnam Visa and travel plan.

You can not travel around Vietnam for short time because Vietnam has many attractions which you wanna visit and enjoy your life here for 15 days at least, 'one day' means the day in future I think. Okay, Best choice is Hoi An oldtown, the view is beautiful, people is friendly, and the food is pretty good, there are many available 3-star hotels that are very cheap. You need just 2 days to visit Hoi An, included a night to enjoy the lantern streets without any moto vehicles. Hoi An or Da Nang is very clean, no dust, no litter on streets or beaches, I'm proud of that. Hue city is my second choice for visiting. Of course, Ho Chi Minh City, Ha Noi, Nha Trang, Vung tau, Mekong delta, SaPa, Ha Long Bay, Phong Nha Cave are also attractive destinations
hello ,
If you land at HCM city , u should go around and have some food . Here i recommend :
Hotel : There are a lot of hotels in Dis 1. U can stay in
1, Tân Mỹ Đình hotel , 32A – 34 Bùi Thị Xuân st - Dis 1
On Bui Thi Xuan st, there are many places for u to eat ;)
1- phở Hoa hồi - 21A - Bùi Thị Xuân ( opposite the hotel)
2- A Bửu Quán - 17 Bùi Thị Xuân, P. Bến Thành, Q.1 (also near)
3- Tân Hải Vân restaurant - 158-160-162 Nguyễn Trãi, Ward Bến Thành, Dis 1
4- You can find Vietnam traditional food in : Dzoa~n restaurant - 34 Nguyễn Thị Diệu st , Dis 3
5- Try eating some " Chả cá lã vọng" in Chu An restaurant: 27 Nguyễn Đình Chiểu, Ward Đa Kao, Dis 1
If you wanna enjoy some Japanese , Korean or Thailand food:
, there:

1- Sushi shop : 151 Đồng Khởi (1st floor) Dis.1
2- Korean restaurants on Thăng Long st - near theairport
Then you should travel to Nha Trang. You can take train or plane. Train is interesting but if you have no time, should take a flight ;)
Nha Trang has wonderful air and beach and seafood. You should hire motobike to ride around. The hotel I recommend is Phú Quí 2 - 01 Tuệ Tĩnh st ., Nha Trang . On the taxi from the airport , there are some brochures and u can take. The price is from 28$ when I got there . Im not sure how much is it now ;)
On Tran Phu st, there are many beautiful hotels . I like the Sunrise hotel but I had no chance to stay there ^^
The food you should experience I recommend : Chicken mixed ( gỏi gà Nha Trang) , Raw Shrimp mixed (gỏi tôm sống) at 63a Nguyễn Thị Minh Khai st , Nha Trang city
You should ask the local to “Chợ Đầm” (market) and ask for “ Bún Chả cá năm beo”
Phở in Nha Trang is quite good
Jzt some advices that I experienced : ) Hope it helps . And have a nice trip ;)
Hi, once you come and visit Hochiminh City. Please join us at "The Saigon Culinary Art Center". You will learn some vietnamese traditional dishes and enjoy your creation!
It's funny, discovering and exciting! Welcome your family!
To all localyte members!

We will have a special offer for Localyte members joining to our "Hands-on cooking class".

Dear Awan,

First come to Saigon - Ho Chi Minh city then you call the localyte member and they will show you the places you should visit for 7 days trip. Becareful your stuffs on the street in Saigon. Keep it safe in your hands. YOu may contact me before you come here. Free of charge!
hi there, welcome you to Vietnam.
First, i agree with everyone here, you can't enjoy Vietnam with just one day for you trip. But if you can't have more time, i think you should visit Hanoi. With one day, you can enjoy the culture of Hanoi with some help of the local people. In Hanoi, we have a club call HanoiKids can help you enjoy yout tour. All of them are student who are learning in Hanoi and they want to help the forgeiner enjoy their city for free. you can find out more and contact them by this website:. They will warmly welcome you and help you a lot. So, i think you should contact them before you go to Vietnam.
Have a nice tour!
extension with
If you are interested in visiting Vietnam, I suggest you should go to beach cities like Vung Tau, Phan Thiet, Nha Trang, Da Nang and Ha Long. Im sure you will enjoy sea activities and seafood there. Since the weather in Vietnam offen change suddenly. Now it becomes rainning all the year. You will like this country, please be convinced that.

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