I am looking a business partner in Egypt to help people start business in Lithuania, get a visa and other related activities.


Country: Egypt


E-mail me at with akll the details of what you are looking for and i will do my best to hep you or maybe i will be your partner
What kind of help you want? and If i can do that i will immediately. don't hesitate to ask me.
Have a nice day.
i'm Abdallah from egypt
which kind of business you thinking about?
Good Evening Sir.
It would be my pleasure to be a partner of yours
I Know some people that maybe helpful in this kind of business
Please , send me some more Information so i can get the whole idea right .
feel free to contact me at
so i get to know the whole idea and i am sure i can figure it out :)
hi my name is kareem darwish and i am a tour consultant in egypt ,so i would like to know what kinds of visa and partenership please reply!!
Dear Sir,
It's a pleasure that you are considering an Egyptian partner for that kind of business...
It would be great to know some more details about the idea and what you are thinking of..
my email is
waiting to hear from you..
email me at
it will be my honor to help you,,,,
Dear sir ,
i already checked all the information concerning the visa process for the guests of your country with our embassy ,and as you know you should have pre-issue visa before your guests come here ,other thing we can solve this problem and faciltae this process by sending a visa letter to our embassy and then you can get visa ,other thing you should also reserve return tickets which means that you have fixed dates for your trips and also accommodation reservation .
for any further information , kindly dont hesitate to contact me at :
thanks & best regards
the visa thing is not what u should worry about, actually its what kinda business are u into, and all other stuff which are business-related, but about the visa just contact me and i'd be glad to help u out
please provide more information to , thank you
Dear Sir,
It's a pleasure that you are considering an Egyptian partner for that kind of business...
It would be great to know some more details about the idea and what you are thinking of..
my email is
waiting to hear from you..
which kind of business.. to be more helpful for you if I can..
i am ready to to help people start business in Lithuania
it depends of what do you want to do.!?
Я читаю ваш вопрос. Я думаю, что очень возможности
поддержку ваших идей в этом бизнесе и у меня есть хорошая
отношения с компаниями более здесь и хорошее образованные
people.and меня есть отношения с египтянами за рубежом
Египет в Латвии, Италии, Венгрии и США. Так что если вы думаете, мы
возможности сотрудничества в этой Просто напишите мне
mahmoud.abdelrhman @ .. Да мы можем играть в шахматы
свободное время, если вы эксперт в нем.

Aš perskaičiau tavo klausimą. Manau, kad esu labai gali
paramą savo idėjas šiame versle ir aš gera
santykių su daugiau bendrovių ir gerai išsilavinusių čia
people.and turiu santykius su egiptiečių užsienyje
Egipte, Latvijoje, Italijoje, Vengrijoje ir JAV. Taigi, jei manote, kad mes
galėtų bendradarbiauti šioje tiesiog rašykite ne
mahmoud.abdelrhman @ .. O mes galime žaisti šachmatai
sparetime jei esate eksperto ji.
I hope i translate it good..wait your answer in english :)) in my mail
i'm mahmoud and i want to help u .
but say what kind of Business u will make
Dear Friend
i can handle this business , i'm working in a travel agency , email :
send me more details on my e-mail and i will be verry happy to help u if i can.
i am sorry cause i can not help u with that business u want to start it needs a full time jop and i do not have that time sorry again
wat type of business ? and i wish i can help ()
it will be my pleasure please contact me on to discuss your needs. Take care, Nahla Teema
I find it good idea with no high constant fees.
But it depends the market in Lithuania if it's labor-saturated
and the percentage of unemployment there .
If you study it will and give more specific details ,I will be able to support you practically .
Hey there,i'd be interested in starting this business, what kind of business or help or partnership do u need? I'm a tour guide& operator here but married to a European & spend most of my time in Europe. Expecting ur email with more details on
I'm so interested in what you want to do but i have to know some more informations to make further steps in the whole thing please email me at
hi sir,
actually a know number of business partners here in Egypt and i can provide you with one. but, i want to know about the whole offer, the benefits and duties so feel free to contact me

and i am sure we can reach a good deal together

plz send to me on i have travel agent but tell me about business what you will do?
, contact us reach an appropriate deal.
hello there.. nice to consider egypt for ur business. it would be great if u kindly lemme know wht kinda business and some details ..thanx
hello dear hope to get more information about it
Hi Nerijus
Actual i have got your mail from
that you are looking for a business in Egypt

please check below web site to see our core business
Kind Regards,

looking forward to hearing from you

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