I want to drive from Battle Creek, Michigan to Brazil with a buddy and my two dogs. Just looking for all sorts of info.

I already know about the Darian gap. My idea is once I hit Mexico to just travel along the ocean till I get to the Darian gap, and hopefully find a way across that and into Brazil. My dogs are German Sheppard's. My buddy and I are both 18. Were looking for all the advice and information we can get before we go. We know gangs and crooked cops could be a problem, but we ARE going. So please no negative comments.


Country: Brazil


Hey Tyler - one of our Localyte Facebook fans sent along information via this link:

Hope it helps you get started. Sounds like an exciting journey!
Wow, where do you want to get to in Brazil? No negative comments I promise, but do be very careful and plan your journey meticulously. Take into account thick jungle etc and make sure your routes are passable at the time of year you are going. It will be a very exciting trip but you will really, really need to plan out what you are doing and remember that talk about gangs etc is not just scare-mongering, there are some areas that are popular spots for carjacks. Get all the professional advice you can and an excellent road map. Guia Quatro Rodas do some of the best maps of Brazil, worth tracking one down. Remember also that Brazil is absolutely HUGE so a lot of your trip depends on whether you want to travel in the country and see different places, or just cross the border. Good luck and go very well prepared!

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