Is there a domestic bus line in Northern Bus Station in Pattaya to go for a visa run to Klong Yai ( in past have used Easy Run Visa

I have in past used Easy Run Visa 2500 baht for days travel to boarder crossing, I believe there is a domestic bus line to this area, if not then where do local expats go for visa runs to Cambodia with out the high cost of Easy Run Visa company in Pattaya?


Country: Thailand


A great way to go for a Visa run from BKK is to take the train from Hualamphong station to Aranyaprathet. around 50bhat then you take a Tuk-Tuk around 60Bhat to the check-point at the border, walk through and buy you cambodian visa on the camboina side 20 dollars.
Enjoy your trip
Thanks for quick reply..will take the easy run visa company from Pattaya ..cheer Rotor ron
Hello Ronald.
My first answer just disappeared when I hit the submit button, so you may get a duplicate answer.
The Easy Run Visa company is there to make the visa, well er, easier.
Then you get Key Visa, who do the same service, except they charge 2400.00TB.
Then 5 Star Visa, run from the Sportman Bar, do it for 2400.00TB. BUT these guys give you breakfast before you depart. Not bad.
All visa services charge between 2100.00TB to 2500.00TB
They pretty all offer the same service, but I would recommend, 5 Star then Key Visa.
Have a good visa run.
Thanks Mate! I have used the past Easy Run visa from Victoria hotel on Soi 6, yes breakfast and late lunch was great. I am still looking for a scheduled bus run from Pattaya bus station to nearest port of entry into Cambodia this maybe a problem as I would have to wait for bus returning back to Pattaya, Thanks again..rotor ron

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