does anyone know about long term renting a house around montezuma, looking for a place around that area does not have to be on the beach.


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Hello traveler,
Just ran into young man who found some great rental options on Craigslist Costa Rica. Might want to start there. Good luck!
Hi!, I will like to know how many days do you wanna stay in Montezuma? and how many people stay in the house?

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Maria Jose
I found a couple of sites and one email add that might help!

Hey there, I donĀ“t have an answer of places to stay, but if you are considering a long term stay may be Cobano area is a good option. It is a good departure point to all the beaches.
Hey! I can look for some options! What is your budget? and a description of what you have on mind! I ask for 10% of the difference if I can get something cheaper. . .Otherwise I will just put you in touch with the landlord, Let me know so I can start searching! If you want me to visit the place I charge $20 per hour.
I will be looking and as soon as i get to know something good i will let you know.
Thanks Roger, I appreciate your help
please visit this website prices
just check
Montezuma Costa Rica in the computer plenty of options there
good luck
It looks like you've received quite a few good tidbits of advice for the Montezuma area. If you consider staying further north (closer to Liberia) let me know.
just let me know what kink of house you want to rent... how many rooms, bathrooms, services, others... and I can help you with it...
2 or 3 bedroom house, thanks
Try the following places:




Buena suerte!
I have this information:
sorry can't read spanish
I have a nice house further north near Samara. If you are interseted just have a look at the following link.
Please check this link in my site then get back to me if you are intersted in any of those places in Mal Pais, i dont have any options in Montezuma!

Best regards,
Jose Obando
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Thanks, what we're really looking for is a long term rental, we're moving to costa rica permanent. We're not looking for vacation rentals.
no idea, sorry

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