I live in Chiangmai and I am fed up playing table pools in bars. So I am looking to purchase a Pool Table. Who knows address to buy one??


Country: Thailand


Have a look at you want to buy a new one.
For secondhand

I am not sure about Chiang mai , I bought mine in Phuket made to order. It took 4 days to make it and costed me about 40000 bht. Ofcourse, you can custom tailor it,meaninig, they can make it really fancy or just a simple one, size of the pool table also has alot to do with it's price. My suggestion would be to get some leads from the bars you patron, I am sure they can give you a head start. Good luck!
Another hit-and-miss site for 2nd hand items is Happy shopping!
Really you should ask the bar owners who have the best table in your area because you want the good service too from them
Hello the advise of ask the bar owners, is pretty good. They can get a good price and also the back up service for you.
Happy shooting.
If you wish I have a direct number for peolpe whom work in this industry. Brunswick tables possibly new and second hand. I will not post personal numbers here so please email me direct on
Hi I just saw an add for someone selling there pool table. Maybe this will be of interest.

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