Who can offer me language classes?

um i can speak english quite weak so i wanna know,,wat should i prepare myself before start trip?? ex.take english course / search&memo all information about that place (Hotel,restuarant,place which famous)


Country: Thailand


This one is not easy to give advice for. As you say your English is quite weak you will feel like a fish in the water here in Thailand as the average English speaking capability is rather low (Sorry, all my Thai friends, but let's face the truth!!!). However the Thai people compensate their English language shortcomings by friendliness and helpfullness. In the end you will always find somebody you will give you the info you require, be it Thai or fellow traveler.
I definitely advise you to buy yourself a good guide book about Thailand in your native language and try to absorb as much as possible the contents of it before you come here. A guide book into the Thai language would help a lot, too.
But perhaps you can make a Thai friend via this link beforehand and you get it all for free!
Good luck!
You don't mention where you are going to be satying. For accomodation ideas, look at
As for learning the English Language here in Thailand, it is rather difficult to teach the basics in one week, you would have to squeeze 10 or 20 hours of learning into that time.
Thai people are very friendly and helpful and they will always seek an answer for any questions you might have.
I wish you a great stay in beautiful Thailand.
What kind of trip are you planning to make ? There are a lot of Language schools al over Thailand.
There are many language schools in Thailand that offer a reasonable rate for Thai people.Taking some english courses would be a good idea before you go.Make some friends on places like or other english speaking sites and practice your english skills there as well.Ask questions about the place you wish to visit and you will get alot of information.Good luck
Hi shigaga
If you're not a hero by English language, Thai will do in any other language. What other languges to you speak? If the pix is YOU, you won't face problems about language/understanding, whether in Thailand or elsewhere. Use your basic common sense and you'll have a good time
in Thailand. ;-)
Dear Shigaga,

To understand more about the question I went to your profile and noticed that you're Thai. I suggest to take a course at Wallstreet. They have a very good promotion. Have a look at there website.


Dear shigaga;
you as Thai have many options to learn English as your time and your schadule allows you.Most of office workers such as your self, take some English courses during the weekend or in the evenings.If you are a bit cash strapped which is quite understandable, then , you might wanna look into the NGOs which offer free English courses or another option which is favorite of mine is to offer free Thai courses in exchange of recieving free English lessons. And if you can afford to pay for English lessons , then, sky is your limit!. Just look around your office or home , and I am sure you will find a language school around there. In either case , should you need any further assistance , let us know and good luck na kaap!
Hi, this is not a real issue but at least keep a map with you and know where you are going before ask, better you plan your trip in advance then we can help you on making choices, in Bangkok and tourist places you don't have to worry much
Thailand is nice. What you need is prepare yourself to speak to more new friends. Whatever Languages laws are speak more and don't be shy.

If you need any hotels and tour guide. You can go to and we are happy to help you! SEE U
I think is better for you to planing your trip and your commendation by your self in your own language. and when you getting to Thailand we have alot of guide who can speak your languages ..Anyway..Planning on your own is alway better.
Thank you.
2 years ago, I visited Malaysia and Singapore with my 6 friends. We're not good in English ;moreover, we don't known well about those countries. Our English we just know the basic, we can communicate to ask for what we need from local people who we met) We can make a nice trip there. I think if you would like to take the trip to some where. Let's done!! Don't be worry!! ENJOY
Travel in Thailand isn't too difficult. I think you should choose the area you want to go, hotel and you should have a map so you can ask everyone how to reach the place you want. let's learn some idioms for tourist but don't be serious.
Where are you going? I worked in Chicago (Shigaga?) and now in Thailand working as a teacher, so you can contact if you need to know about schools. If you just want conversational English, continue with Chat you'll have no problems getting conversational advice.
At what country are you going to travel? English is known as universal Language so it's really important specially when you are going abroad... but know what, you can study English Language on your own by the use of internet. I always visit when I read a word that's not familiar to me..
just click the translator and select what language the word you were to translate from and to. I found it very useful though it does not teach you correct usage of grammar you'll be able to know what is the English term of every Thailand's word.
What language are you interested in learning? Could you like to do it on skype..
I recommend the walen language school located at times square building sukhumvit. They have teachers who can speak japanese and korean as well as english.

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