Hi, I am asking about a local restaurant to eat Kebab and Kefta in Sharm El Sheikh , a good local one , not touristique


Country: Egypt


Dear visitor

Hope you a nice time in Sharm El Sheikh

For Kabab and Kofta in Sharm you have 4 nice places to visit:

1- El Masreen Restaurant located in the old market street (El sooq Al Kadeem), this is the oldest Kebab and Kofta Restaurant in Sharm food is fine but the place is not that much up to the level.

2- El Kababgy Restaurant very near from Novotel Hotel the place is fine but food is not really good price is a little expensive. (El Salam Road beside Novotel Hotel)

3- Abu El Seid Restaurant, a nice one but not specialized in Kabab and Kofta place is great and food quality too. Price is reasonable. Neema Bay by the first quarter.

4- Al Araby Restaurant by El Salam Road beside Metro super market just beside hadabet Om el seed. This one really is a perfect choice relation price/quality. Very original and specialized Kabab and Kofta one place and food quality are great.

I do recommend Al Araby (fourth Choice), and if you need the phone of any one of
them please let me know

Have a nice time

One of my favorite places was in the old market called chef (pronounced "cheef")
Great prices great portions and it's like eating from an Egyptian grandma's kitchen
in Sharm El Shikh there is no local or touristic ones, all are more or less the same, i think El Masreen is good one
Elmasryeen is really good one in the old market i liked it so much then i will try again when i go there soon
Dear Osama , Try Abu El Seed and try Al Araby , may be you change your mind.

Enjoy your time

el massrien at centr market sharm.
attab's sons restaurant beside the main hospital of sharm el sheikh
Hi - Sharm is really a tourist town so it's difficult to find any other sorts of facilities - my husband used to work there and he says most locals go to the Old Town market - I'm sure you'd find a good local restaurant there...

Lyndall El Masry
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