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what kind of camping you looking for?
There are very few commercial camping sites in Bulgaria and their standard is not as good as you will find anywhere else in Europe. Most Bulgarians just camp freely and where ever they want here. If you have a tent, you put it up where you please, usually by the side of a stream, and you make your own facilities for water and toilet arrangements.
I only know of one commercial camp site near to here, right next to Dryanovo Monastary. It is very cheap and has basic facilities, but they take caravans too. There is also a site (free) at the side of the river on the old road from Sevlievo to Troyan, about 12 Km west from Sevlievo. Last week there were about 50 tents and the microlight club were there too. The area is very pretty.
Bulgaria is a beautiful country, both to live in and to visit. Camping, as is everything else is slowly waking up here. If you want more details, just ask.
There is also a possibility of camping by the seaside,although it can be cooler in September.There are bungalows which are at about 20 metres far from the beach.If you'd like camping in the mountain, Bulgaria has wonderful nature and it's the right place for such activities.Do you have any place in mind?
There is also a possibility of camping by the seaside,although it can be cooler in September.There are bungalows which are at about 20 metres far from the beach.If you'd like camping in the mountain, Bulgaria has wonderful nature and it's the right place for such activities.Do you have any place in mind?
Hi Garry,

I noticed on your profile that you are running a guesthouse with a campsite?

Perhaps you are interested in exploring other areas in Bulgaria to expand, or just wish to know more information about campsites in general.

Its as the previous poster said, they, what few there are, are nowhere near to western european standards, but I`m sure that will change.

There is one enterprising Brit who has now created his own near to VT, looks great, and I`m sure once the caravans etc start to come through, he as well as yourself will be quite busy.

With the range of other services you offer you seem to be targeting a specific group, good luck with that.

We too run a guesthouse, within a main city, so for us its a bit easier, but I do wish you lots of luck, and we should keep in touch, perhaps there is some assistance we could offer each other.

Please let me know if I can help further,

Kind Regards

What camping are you looking for?
My adwise, for Bulgaria your budget is not that smal, leave your tent in your bag and see around for a family pension for about 30 dollar you will have all comfort.
However near the Black Sea from Albena to Golden Sands there are a few Camping. Near Sunny Beach and Bourgas also there are Campings. I doubt that the quality will satisfy you.
Wild Camping is not forbidden in Bulgaria, ask the local friendly population to give you a place near a house, so you have at least some accomodations.

Have a nice trip,
dude where are you goining to? Do you need trailer camping or a place for your tent or just a place to stay for a while.I checked what the other people here said about and they are right that there are few official or decent campsites around.Still it really matters where in Bulgaria are you going to be.As for your interest in organic food and farming I believe there are such farms here which will also be glad to accept you as a guest for the night or more and will be interested in your oppinion and skills about the organic agriculture.
Hi, Garry!

If you are looking for a camping by the seaside, there are some which are not as bad as they were represented above. But the weather is not suitable for camping in the end of September neither on the seaside, nor in the countryside. I recommend you to stay in a pension, hostel or family hotel, if you are looking for a budget vacation.
With a budget of $100 per person per day you could find plenty of good hotels on the seaside.

If you need more information, do not hesitate to contact me.

Best regards,

Hi, Other users are right - first it would be great if you can define which is your more or less preferred campsite location. Seaside camping places that also offer some water facilities are getting closed little by little at the end of September. Usual rates for a tent of 2 are about 20 leva (10 euro).
The free of charge solutions: indeed you should look for a place with water close to it and prepare everything by yourself ans bring and prepare your own food. :) As for the location: basically there are places that you might get into trouble if you camp - this if you light fires in national parks or something similar.
If you go camping I guess the daily food will be not more than 10 leva (5 euro) - incl meat meals. If you are vegs it will be even cheaper - it is harvest season here for tomatoes, pepper, grapes and other fruits and vegetables and you can buy them very very cheap from local small producers in villages.
Campsites where you pay
The two places I have visited personaly, though not using ten, but rather a bungalow, are:
Mountain Rila, Region Kirilova Poliana: Based about 7km into the mountain after the Rila monastery. You take the road from Sofia to Samokov, than Rila. When you get to the monastery you have to bypass it and continue ahead, but I'd suggest you ask for directions on the way. At kirilova poliana the road splits - one going up, leading to two small restaurants and the other one leading to a regulated campsite.
At the capsite you pay about 5-10 BGN/1EU= 1.95 approximately), to use space for a tent. A bungalow is also at a quite resonable, I would say eaven chep price - about 15BGN. The campsite is situated at a lawn, surrounded by pine forest and beautiful high cliffs with a river going on the one side. There are bathrooms and WC, which are at very basic level, but should do for a couple of days rest (I was there for 2 weeks). There are established fireplaces at the lawn, where you can ligh fire and gather camping with other people.
My suggestion : stay 4-5 days, prefferably with some friends, do not visit at the weekend (as lots of locals also go camping and it gets crowded). Take the path from Kirilova poliana up, which leads to the Suhoto ezero (Dry lake) ot Ribnoto ezero (Fish lake), but ask locals to tell you the legend of teh markings ( I think the road leading to teh Fish lake - about 14-15km, is with 2 white stripes and 1 yelow, the other lake is closer - 7km). Great place with clean rivers, mossy rocks and tall impressive trees.

Vitosha mountain : Right next to Sofia. Take the Tzar Borris boulevard to Kniajevo and from there you can walk into the National park Vitosha. Camp whre you find suitable, but I'd suggest not before the Zlatnite mostove / Golden bridges/ region,az it is still dirty from the tourists and it's not so pleasant. Come to that, ate the Zlatnite mostove runs a river, which you can use if you need and the view from the massive rocks is wonderfull. However, I have no idea if you have to pay anywhere for using the place for your tent.

Second, the seaside.
University botanical garden Varna: Also situated at a lawn, surrounded by smal forests, it is a nice eco park, quite close to the beach - about 1km inland. Still you have to pay as in Rilla at about the same prices, but also you get again WC and bathrooms. There are also stables right next to the bungalows, so you can also ride.

If you preffer using tents on a first line to the beach, you should check out the less inhabited beach areas - at the south coastal line - Lozenetz, the beach Coral, also Arapia next to Tzarevo. At the north coastal line - campsite Topola - between Balchik and Kavarna; campsite Albena.
maybe when you come in Bulgaria I talk with my people . & we see
Hi there!There are many campings here,but I can give u just an example for one of them..its situating on the Black Sea ad its more natural..Here is the link of the vacation of some people,that enjoyed it: you there!
Just like to thank everyone for their response to my question. If anyone is thinking about visiting this area I will offer a discount on accommodation.

I can offer you few campings by the sea or if you like bungalows there is such a possibility for one.The campings are not the best possible quality compared with the European once.So I would recommend you to choose a bungalow because there you will have your own facilities ( toilet and bathroom).There are 2 complexes of bungalows which are of good quality on the Southern Black Sea coast. If this is exactly what you are looking for, please, write me back!
About bungalows I think the RUSALKA complex is the best.It's near Varna about 70 km from Varna.

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