local festivals of france and belgium

what local festivals do you know of ?


Country: France


There are tons: to try to sum it up
* each village or town has a village festival in the summer for the whole weekend
* from spring to fall, festivals are plenty: my favorite in France are: Vienne jazz festival early in July, Avignon theater festival in July, Berlioz festival at the end of August in La cote saint Andre, Cannes film festival in may , etc ... you can find everything on line.
Out of the beaten path though, I will only mention one in Belgium
*Local village festivities involing beer and people dancing in the streets: les cramignons in Hermalle.
Check the tours organized in Belgium at You will see pictures and details about these crazy days near Liege.
There are also many parades for Fat Tuesday in February: the most famous are in Nice, France and in Binge, Belgium.
what i know as festivals is indeed in summer period....there are white nights or full 3 days concerts or theater on boats...but i never know about it in advance. what i can propose is the Chalon sur la Rue. in august i presume and some other ON/OFF open air and indoor summer festivals. u can look them up on the net. good luck
It depends on whether you're looking for art festivals, music festivals, film festivals...they take place thoughout the year all over France. Of course most of the big music festivals are in the summer and fall. The best resource is What's On When () which lets you search by date, theme, and city.
Most of them have been already mentionned, "Chalon dans la Rue" ( Street theater), Avignon ( Theater)... Also Jazz festivals in Vienne, Antibes, Nice, Marsiac and Grenoble !
A really good and international Music festival, le Cabaret Frappé in Grenoble...

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