Which is the best place in Thailand for diving and water sports?


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Hello, the best place to dive in Thailand is in my opinion Koh Chang, there is a lot of Reef fish and a huge varity of fish in total, fantastic coral reefs and the most welcoming divecenter; SCANDINAVIAN CHANG DIVING CENTER, (). On Koh Chang you can Parasailing and Kayaking, but no Jetsky. Once a year there is a 'race' in Kayaking and it is organised for a good reason mostly it is in april called QUEENS CUP.
See you on Koh Chang
I would recommend Koh Tao near Samui - this would be the best here.
Also Phuket - doing trips to the Similan Islands
Similan Islands - one of the best spots in the world.
At this time of year the diving from phuket is some of the best you can find in Thailand. Scuba Cat Diving has two liveaboards that take in the beayty of the Similan Islands from as little as two days one night up to as long as you wish to stay.
Koh Tao is the best spot for diving... I never been there myself but I heard about it a lot... very nice diving spot.
Koh Tao - no question about it!
Hi there,
I used to think Koh Tao too. Then I got over to the Andaman Ocean: Koh Rok, Koh Ha, Koh Lanta - to name a few of the diving locations.

Guess I really cannot have a favourite, they all have something wonderful to offer.

Wherever you decide upon. Enjoy!

There are many very beautiful places in Thailand for scuba diving each one of them with there own advantages so to say which is the best is an unfair question.

If you have a time line and budget I can better assist you in finding the best based on that criteria.
There are loads of great places, but the place with the most dive site within minutes of a resort has to be Koh Lipe. as it is located in Thailand's oldest national park and covers such a large area. there are at least 52 uninhabited islands within the park with Koh lipe at it centre. because of the parks size and age of the park the reefs and the verity of sites of top quality. the visibility and clarity of the water are amazing this is helped by being so far off shore 60 Km into the Andaman sea.

if you like to browse and find more information: go to my Face book page where you can find photo folders and video from the area (also a video of our last whale shark visit)

SIMILAN ISLANDS ... Unquestionable!! :)

9 islands running south to north just off the Thai west coast.

Located in open ocean this means great visibility and BIG fish (mantas, whale sharks)

No other places in Thailand can rival this ... No way

Away from the tourists, try Kao Lak
The Similan and Surin Islands are home to excellent coral reefs, Whale Sharks and Giant Mantas, fantastic. Not many divers here because you have to do a live aboard trip for several days. Here are pictures of the boat we use.

If you are looking for just day trips go from Phi Phi Island to the areas listed below.

* Maya Reef - This is where the Hollywood movie "The Beach" was filmed. Superb "Island Diving" where towering cliffs of Phi Phi Ley Island block the wind and waves perfectly to provide dead calm waters. Below the water lies numerous reef fish in cascading rock/coral gardens with swim through tunnels and abundant soft corals, Gorgorian Sea Fans and Barrel Sponges. Maximum depth is 20 meters.

* Hua Ragate - This area is for all levels of experience in wall and bay with Sea Fans, Barrel Sponges, wide variety of soft and hard Corals, Moray Eels, Table Coral, Staghorn Coral. Depths of 1 to 18 meters.

* Pi Leh Reef - Surprisingly dense rich coral reef with countless species of soft and hard corals, walls, rock bays and giant Gorgian Sea Fans. maximum depth is 18 meters.

* Hin Lor - Perenially the number 1 dive site famous for it's sleeping Leopard Sharks in a open sea location for advanced divers only. Biggest variety of fish to be seen in the area. Excellent for underwater photographers. Depth is 5 to 18 meters.

* Giant Rock - This site has 3 totally submerged rocks and home to millions of fish which provide interesting photo opertunities. Includes clusters of snowy-white soft corals covering fantastic giant walls and passages which make for a very special dive. Suitable for confident certified divers only. Depths up to 27 meters.

* Karung Heng - Open Sea diving for advanced divers only and similar to Hin Lor. Includes Leopard Sharks, Moray Eels, Squid and Lion Fish are common. Depth is 5 to 18 meters.

* Lohsama Bay - Loved by all level of divers for the shallow colorful corals, classic swim through passages and beautiful beach. Depth is 3 to 18 meters.

* Hin Daeng and Hin Muang - This is an awesome area for diving between the months of Janurary to April. These 2 world class dive sites include numerous Whale Sharks, Mantas and many other different type of sharks.

* Anemone Reef - Finger - like pinnacles which are Anemone covered. many varieties of Moray Eels, Lion Fish, schooling pelargies, Leopard Sharks are frequent. Occasional Whale Sharks are seen. Also in this area is a ferry wreck lying up in 30 meters of water. A very popular and beautiful dive spot.

Have fun,
Randy and Ning
Many diving companies in Phuket, offering trips around the south. Jet skis available on most beaches (check for any damage before using to avoid being charged ridiculous amount for small scratches).

Zip line skiing & water skiing available in Kata, on lake I believe.
KOH TAO (near koh samui) has been popular for ages... nowadays you can also opt for KOH LIPEH, plenty og great reviews! last but not least KOH CHANG, that's about it.
just 'google' them & have a good trip!!
mauri grosso

Koh Tao is the most known about diving island in Thailand, but Chang and Pang Nga are both better.

Watersports in Riley beach near Krabi.
For sure Koh Tao is the best for diving you can see sharks, followed by koh Phi Phi,so beautifull but for watersports not too far from diving spot Samui, you can even surf(little waves)in Hua Hin you have jet ski, banana boat, sailing, windsurf, parasailing, catamaran, and KITESURFING(one of the best spot in Thailand)!!! plus large choice of golf courses, horse riding, ATV, gun shooting, karting not too crowded as Phuket or Samui and you can take a speed boat to Koh Tao for diving. if you need more details please ask me
Krabii(province) use to be the best divesite in thailand but also Koh Tao, (island in Suratthani Province, don't confuse it's not Chumpon Province) are the 2nd recommended divesite from PADI.
As I been work for Koh Tao Dive Supply and ... actually I was a sale person for Aquanauts Dive Center in Pattaya. I would more suggest u to go koh Tao.

both side of Thai Bay and Andaman Bay we got loads of beautiful natural ...

Few things about historical lover (wreck dive) there are 2 bigs Thai navy base is in Phuket, and Samaesarn (Pattaya), if u certify from AOW or thinking about take AOW course! don't wait!!

one more ... if u choose Pattaya u may see more navy ship but ... well don't go so crazy about bars and nightlife there. true love never excite in bar ok?

... or choose Koh Chang (where i'm currenting at right now, lol) here we surrounding 54 small islands .. i'm sure here is plenty of divesite

enjoy thailand!
Hi, i stayed in Krabi, from there you can go by speedboot to Phi phi island or maya beach, its wonderful diving there.
The best place to scuba dive is Ko Chang, but not so good for water sports there. Best place for that is Wakeboarding Thailand, where you can also experience the real thai life, just 1 1/2 hours drive from Bangkok and about 2 hours to Ko Chang
Andaman sea. For sheer unspoilt beauty and variety of locations. Many many islands. Lanta Rules!!!!
I live and work on Koh Tao as a dive instructor and the diving here is lovely. The diving on the west coast is probably nicer though however it really does depend when you come and what you are wanting to do. West coast season is Nov to March and east coast March to October. Here on Koh Tao we see whalesharks between March and May and Sept and October. Koh Tao is a lot cheaper for diving too and certainly one of the cheapest places in the world to learn to dive. If you need any more info please feel free to message me personally.
I have dived alot in Thailand and I think I would have to say that ko Tao has some excellent diving especially if yuo are just starting it out. The island is also a great place to spend time. Regarding water sports you will find them all over the beaches of Thailand. Phuket beaches have a good variety of water sports.
I would recommend you contact Sunrise Diving in Patong. They are very clued up and can suggest many sites and attractions, in and around Phuket.
Similan of course, ive been diving for years, and I go to Koh tao as it is the nearest place to go, but its not as vibrant as Similan Islands due to the fact that it is not an all year round diving area. National park closes it part of the year to make sure that the corals will recover from having too much divers and snorkellers, so make sure that you check the local area to make sure that its not close the time that you are coming over here.. im telling its the best so far...
I just come back from a trip to Koh Tao, which was really excellent. Paradise Island has a good deal with free lodging when you take a course there, professional about 9,000 THB if I remember well.
Also in the Phuket area there are lots of opportunities. You can try out Phi Phi as well of course, but that is more touristic
Koh Tao has good diving for people with little experience, but the marine life there is not nearly as diverse as it is in the Andaman Sea. Phuket is the base for most of the diving activities out to the remote areas like the Similan Islands and Richelieu Rock simply because it has the infrastructure required for running dive boats. The Mergui Archipelago in Burma, though costing more and requiring a longer stay, has the most remote and least crowded dive spots of the whole region.

I would rate Phi Phi Island as the best place to shore dive as many of the dive sites are just a few minutes away from the port at Ton Sai.

If you're a serious diver and want to do world-class diving during your stay here, jump on a liveaboard from Phuket or Khao Lak (just up the coast, Phuket's extension, really).

There are several good guide books out there so it would be a good idea to pick one up before you come. You will get the best information from these.
Around May - October ---> Koh Tao
Novermver - April ---> North/South Andaman
(for scuba diving)

for Snorkle try Surin Islands / Tarutao

water sports.... I'll say Pattaya
wow seems a lot of expert in diving here already! For me, my favorite is Similan islands... wherever you go, enjoy it! :)
Similan is the best place for scuba. However, Surin Island is also reported to be a good place for diving too.
Similans island is one of the best place to dive in Thailand, than we also have Hin Deang Hin Muang and a few locals divesites around Phuket area.
Definetly KRABI!! And then phi phi islands....
Similan is best. No Doubt.


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