Going to South Africa for my honeymoon next July Any travel tips the agencies don't usually suggest?


Country: South Africa


South Africa is extremely diverse. It really depends which areas you have decided to visit during your honeymoon. If you could provide details of your trip I could perhaps offer some more tips.
It all depends on where in South Africa you are going. There are so many things to do its suits every taste and desire. You most probably will visit the obvious areas like our Garden Route area, Cape Town and the surrounding winelands with excellent wines and cuisine, and our Game Parks (visitors often forget they are truly WILD animalsand not pets) but there is also the majestic and beautiful Drakensberg area that will often take your breath away. The Eastern Cape and Wild Coast with its lovely unspoilt beauty and very hospitable and often very artistic little towns and villages. Our West Coast with its diverse beauty, interesting and excellent cuisine. Kwazulu Natal is our warm haven in winter time with many exciting places to experience, from scenery to adventure. The country is very diverse in its cultures and experience and will take some time to discover. As for as the safety and security situation. There are some provinces, cities and towns that are very safe where others are more prone to crime. But I would suggest that you accept you will be in a different culture and that you need to adjust your mindset to that. Unfortunately, as I said, some areas are more plagued by crime than others and it would be good thing to stay vigilant, but not fearful. Fearfulness makes you stand out like a sore thumb and an easy target. It has been proven that thugs and thieves focus on people that are anxious and constantly looking around them. Be aware of your surroundings and the people around you but do not become jittery. Keep your valuables where it is least obvious or visual. It is a beautiful country with lovely people (mostly) and very hospitable. Enjoy the sites but be careful to travel after dark in certain areas and if possible refrain from stopping at remote places or along the roadside. Rather stop at petrol stations that have all the amenities you need. Vigilance and common sense will take you far and I believe you will have a wonderful time in South Africa with its colourful peoples, sites, cuisines, wines and history. Wish you a safe trip and many happy returns to this beautiful country. Feel free to ask me any specific questions should you need any additional information. Hope this is helpful in the meantime.
Hi, well I think you have received good info already (coming from a tour operator haha).

Anyway, as the folk below have said (especially Adriaan), it all depends on what part of SA you will be finding yourself: Western Cape - Mostly rainy and damp, Gauteng, NWest and central areas - nice days but cold at night, the eastern seaboard (including the Kruger Park) - warm days..
A lot also depends where you are coming from.

Hope you have an awesome honeymoon and enjoy our beautiful country!
I'm not quite sure what type of honeymoon you are looking for but if you want cold weather with snow, then I would suggest the Drakensberg Mountains and if you want warm weather I would suggest Durban and and the various smaller coastal towns in Kwazulu Natal. Here where I live in Cape Town is usually cold and wet and quite miserable at that time of the year but we have many places that offer accommodation close to the wine routes. I see my previous respondent has given you a more detailed out line of what is to offer.
The best that you can do is to find a Small and reliable Tour Operator to take you off the beaten path, The Cedarberg mountains, Gameviewing in the malaria free Eastern Cape or if the city life is the thing you want to do, Cape Town is a truly cosmopolitan City that offers the traveler lots to do in a radius of 100km.
feel free to contact me because together we can design a tour that will meet your needs
Yes here are a few tips:

Bring most of your money in the form of credit cards or traveler’s cheques.

Tell your bank you are leaving the country so that when you use your cards abroad, they won’t think someone has stolen them and deactivate them.

Visitors to SA can have their 14% VAT refunded if the value of items purchased exceed R250

Note that AMEX is accepted BUT is frowned upon because of higher commission payments that the receiver of payment has to make

Make duplicates of passports and bring these with you.


If you’re given a piece of paper by customs or somebody else with a uniform in the airport, save it in your wallet…even if you don’t know what it is. You will most likely be asked for it again on your way home.

Always consult a GP WHO IS FAMILIAR WITH THE CONDITIONS IN AFRICA before making plans to enter malarial areas. Many don’t even know where Africa is, let alone be familiar with the continent’s medical risks.

Clothing is probably not that importsant on honeymoon but I suggest you pack half your clothing in each other's bags - In case the airline loses one of your bags.

If all of this was helpfull, just imagine what it will be like having me show you around. Bespoke honeymoon tourism is one of my specialities.
What areas will you be visiting in South Africa? We will be in a position to give better advice when we know.

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