Hi...I'm newbie here. I plan to have a trip to hanoi. would like to visit halong bay. and I heard about Sapa. can I have more...

...information about the accomodation at the tourist center in Hanoi, and how to reach the place. because I will arrive by midnigt flight. and places to visit. Thanks


Country: Vietnam


From the Noi Bai airport to the center of Hanoi is about 30km. You can easily find a taxi at any time you arrive, you also can order a pick up from the hotel you will book or from a travel agent like us. What kind of accomodation(guesthouse, mini hotel, or luxury hotel) do you like to stay.
We have many beautiful places to offer you nice trips in the north of Vietnam like Halong bay, Sapa, Hanoi city tour or some one day trip to see some landscapes around Hanoi like Perfume Pagoda, Hoa Lu - Tam Coc often referred to as “Inland Halong Bay", some national parks like Cuc Phuong, Ba Be and Cat Ba. So it depend on your time,( how much time do you have?) then you will choose to see some of the places. Let's us arrange for you! See more information at the website:
I wish you a good trip to Vietnam!
Nguyen Khoa.
Wow...there's just so much more about Hanoi. I blogged a few posts about Sapa, that was during my previous trip to Hanoi-Sapa-Halong Bay. Sapa is a place that gave me surprises... You can get to know more through my post. Check out

We do provide transfer services in Hanoi, even though you reach at midnight, it can be taken care of. I reached Hanoi from Sapa in the midnight, around 4am! But the hotel receptionist will wait for you as long as it's arranged. Even though we could not check-in at that moment, we were offered really good service, bathed in the guest washroom and waited in the lobby until morning. No worries. Our agents in Hanoi provide great services at reasonable price. Drop me an email for more information. I wish I can help you more. =)

Email us:

Happy Holiday!~
Welcome to Vietnam
From Airport In Hanoi u can reach to Center very easy with Taxi ( most cost about 200,000 for 35 kms) and there has many hotel big and small , budget hotel to 5 start hotel in Hanoi, but u can stay at old quarter area. from there so easy to find a back pack tour to Ha Long or Sapa. if u have any question so pls send me email

Hope u have a nice trip in Hanoi, if u have more time,welcome to Saigon.
Mail me at for details. In he meanwhile you can check our website at
If you want to travel with a tour guide, I suggest you trying the Kangaroo Cafe, because this one is very good at organizing tour for foreigners to Ha Long Bay and Sa Pa. But remember that the real Kangaroo Cafe is at Bao Khanh Street, Ha Noi, make sure that you find the real one
Hello, Hanoi is a very cool place to visit.You can visit and no more about tours in hanoi by checking our website . You will learn more and you can also contact us through our website.Our office is also located in hanoi.You are highly welcome to hanoi.
A lot of people have answered you already but i do suggest that at the airport you hail a Mai Linh Taxi so you won't be overcharged. I'm not a travel agent I'm a fellow traveller so my suggestions are usually for the budget conscious. Hotels range from $10-15 for an OK hotel with regular amenities. Soft beds with Aircon ref cable tv wifi. Tell the Taxi to bring you to Hoan Kiem there are hundreds of hotels there. As for Halong Bay a day trip with food is usually around $12. Sapa for a 2night 3day trip would be around $60. Just ym me at pe2npilar if you need help here in Hanoi. Halong bay and sapa would be great choices to visit.

I think you got enough information from other travelers here, but if you are interested in tours to Halong Bay and Sapa, please visit our website at:
We only specialize in these places.

We hope to hear from you soon!
As I think that you can get enough some information about another people. This is true that you will take 30Km from air port to Ha Noi centre. You can take a taxi for your transportation,but i'm surely that you take MaiLinh Taxi which is has a fixed price and more reliable with good service for you.
If you want to save more money and needs your accommodation is good as well as service for foreigner. You have to choose a 3 stars hotel in 35 Quán Thánh - Hà Nôi, you can ask the taxi driver to go to there. You just show them the address, this is a phone number of hotel (844)37341249. Also, you can call directly to hotel to ask some service because I know they will provide the best service for you such as they can take you from airport to hotel. Additionally, they has good facilities such as 1 single room for 1 person with 300,000 VND/day and if you go with your family or friends, they have couple room with 2 couple bed for 4 persons, the price is 800,000VND/day with a small living room, air-condition,and add some value.

One more question, do you like to visit by your own way or want to go with tour? I suggest you go to by tour with XinhCafe which is a famous tourist for foreigner to visit anywhere in Ha Noi.If you book them a whole trip with Visit HN to HaLong bay and Sapa, they will provide good service that they can take care you in whole the trip and bring you more comfortable because your not needs to find the place to shopping or traditional food store with suitable price.

Welcome to Vietnam. I will large to answer any question from you, it you have question, i will provide more for you.

Hope you will enjoy your vacation with a trip in HN.

Mina Vu
Hi there,
You can also try this website or you can email me at , I'll be glad to assist you. I'll give you information based on the budget you have in mind.
arrive at the airport at midnight shouldn't be a problem, as long as you have an address you are going to, just be weary that some taxi drives may try and convince you that your place doesn't exist, so they can take you to their commission giving hotel. Just be stern!
If you are traveling south, to the central coast, let me know and I can give you some great advice!
My partner can take care of all of the arrangements that you mention, we are a small restaurant and she handles most travel bookings too. Sapa, Ha Long Bay and any other destination, guides, transportation, etc. Our airport pickup prices are the best in Hanoi. I also lead food tours in Hanoi and around Vietnam. email at or
U can refer below web


I hope you'll Vietnam.
How long have you been in Vietnam?If you come to Hanoi in time, you can see hanoi autumn. Its the best time in year in Hanoi. Hanoi have Hoan Kiem lake,Van Mieu Quoc Tu Giam - The First University in Vietnam,One Pillar Pagoda, Tran Quoc pagoda, Hanoi opera house, Old street, Ho Chi Minh shrine... and you can see trade village in Hanoi as Van Phuc Silk, Le Mat snake village, Bat trang pottery, Dong Ho paiting....If you care vietnamese music culture, you should to discover Ca tru singing, Quan ho bac ninh.

The North of Vietnam have many beautiful place as Sapa,Halong bay,Cuc Phuong park,Duong Lam village(a beautiful feature of vietnamese villages)....

About service, you can refer 2 big company about tourist as Hanoi tourist and Sai Gon tourist. You can search by Google to know more detail tour and price.

If you care more things about Hanoi, please drop by to

Have a nice trip in Hanoi-Vietnam
Absolutely that you can. If you have already planned a trip to Hanoi, I recommend you to book a room in one hotel in Hanoi. Pls visit for more information about accommodation, travel and tours. You are also recommended to book for airport pick-up service provided by the hotel you planned to stay. When you are in Hanoi, there are many options of tour that includes Ha Long Bay, Sapa... (e.g. ). I recommend you to book a tour when you are in Hanoi.
I know some high-rate and highly-recommended hotels. If you require more information and details, pls contact.
Wish I could add more to help you out, but you have all you need from the above posts, I think you need to update your ideas about the travelers infrastructure here. Everything is in place and it is all VERY simple now. It was a little different 21 years ago when I first came here......
Wish I could add more to help you out, but you have all you need from the above posts, I think you need to update your ideas about the travelers infrastructure here. Everything is in place and it is all VERY simple now. It was a little different 21 years ago when I first came here......enjoy your trip ! I am sure you will have a good time

Nice to hear that you would like to visit Vietnam - one of the most beautiful countries with friendly local people.

When would you like to travel to Vietnam? If you can come to my country in this time, it will be great as it is the end of the summer thus it is not so hot and the weather is very nice ( blue sky, no rainy...) I believe that you will like it.

For your wonder about Hanoi tour, as most of the people who were advised you a lot before, I have no comment about the places to visit like Ho Chi Minh complex, The Temple of there are the most beautiful places in Hanoi. But I suggest that, you should listen your interest first then you can make the decision for the places then. I can give you the example as there are more than 10 museums in Hanoi at the moment, each of them has their own beautiful, history... and it also attracted thousand of tourist visit every year thus if you love history or would like to discover more about our country, you should visit History Museum or you want to explore our culture, the differences between the ethnic minorities in Vietnam... I am sure that,you could not miss Vietnam Museum of Ethnology....

And Halong Bay is also the place you should not miss when you are in Vietnam as it is one of the most famous and beautiful tourist places in Vietnam. You can choose just to relaxing or do some kayaking to discover this amazing area. Right now, most of the travel agent or the tour company can offer you with the program including relaxing or kayaking with very different price. I could say the price could be from US $ 100 to US $ 500 or more for a 3 days Halong Bay Kayaking thus I am sure that, it will be difficult for your to choose. The note hear is which travel agent or tour company can offer you the most reasonable price for the good services, how professional of the staff, how fast they reply you (such as via email)...?

And as far as I know, if you would like to get more information about Halong Bay tour or Hanoi tour or any tour in Vietnam, you should contact directly with the TA/ TO to get more information. If you interested in doing the trip with some activity, you should contact with Active travel asia as they are one of the best adventure company could handle all of your questions and request.

Hope my information will help you!

YOu have so many information & sometime it's difficult to pick what you want from internet. Because I am a traveller also & like to explore the countries, so I know well what a visitor look for for the first time come:

1. If you come to the country too late, if you are travel alone, you can take the airport taxi which one has metter clock (to avoid some trouble or cheated.

2. YOu should book hotel in advance at least for first night just avoid teh situation that you have to walk from this hotel to other to find an available room at midnight (can not imagine).

3. To visit Halong, I sugess you to take overnight on board of a junk. Feeling is so just on the junk with the spectacle & do kayaking on the bay ...... so great, and now there is many promotion prices. This tour take 2 days & 1 night on board with all meals & seasing included, so you can manage your expense.

4. For Sapa, easy to take your own way. Buy return night train ticket & book hotel in advance, and then you can ask the hotel arrange the train pick - up (1 hour drive). And in Sapa you can order 1 tour guide to explore the remote site with you. Perfect way is hide the guide ride a motorbike, you can enjoy the real time to explore Sapa.

5. If you want an arranged tour to relax your mind out of the arranging thing & just forcus in what you want to enjoy, just take the tour from the Travel Company.

Hope that you can enjoy your time in Vietnam.

On behalf of Mercury Travel
Hi Honey,
Me Danangora means Danang City.
I see you had many information from the answerers.
One important thing when you arriving Hanoi airport (Noi Bai), take the minibus to Hanoi, do not book taxi. You can find minibus easily by asking any security guy there, or follow the group from your flight. Fare is VND 25,000 (USD1.5). Should stay at Hanoi first night and next morning you will find the tour as your desire. Ask me if you want more information. Good trip!
1. If you can spent a lot of money in high-class travel. Please let the travel agency give you a hand in scheduling your destination.
2. If you want to save money in travel, please follow the suggestion below:
- Arriving at Noi Bai Airport: Take a Limousine shuttle bus at VND 30,000/person to Kim Ma bus stop
- There are some hotel nearby Kim Ma bus stop with the reasonable price at US$15 - US$35/day.
- Booking Ha Long tour or Sapa tour with Travel agent. Hotel Receptionist will give you a hand in this matter.

Hope you have an amazing trip!.
I am sure that you already know so much information of how to visit VietNam, both of them above also said the truth...i just wanna hope you have a good and safe trip to Viet Nam.
Enjoy your travel!!!!
I am sure that you already know so much information of how to visit VietNam, both of them above also said the truth...i hope you have a good and safe trip to Viet Nam.
Enjoy your travel!!!!
Dear Dahlia,

Just tell me how many days you have in Hanoi so that I can propose the itinerary and if Sapa can be included? For hotel, it is much better you book it in advance as it is tough to shop around when you arrive at night! For a nice, cosy 3-star hotel, there are some right in the old quarter, which is some minute walk to Hoan Kiem Lake! The rates are vary from USD 45 to 60 per room per night included taxes and breakfast.

Please make sure you have visa before entering Vietnam. However, visa is free for nationalities from South East Asia countries, from Scandinavia...

Please feel free to contact me anytime at

Best regards,

Truong Le

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Just a word of advice about it being "easy to get a taxi from the airport, even at midnight". Unless you have pre-arranged your transport, when you exit the terminal you will be swamped with people touting for the taxis. It can be very intimidating after a long flight.

I would advise pre-booking your transport through a Localyte's here who runs a travel business.

Good luck & Enjoy Vietnam.

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