do you like korean food? what is the best place you like in korea


Country: South Korea


love it! if you're into the warmer side of spicy food, then it's a great experience! my favorite place would be in the south, on the ocean, in spring! famous for cherry blossoms and super calm water!
In Seoul,you can find many serene/beautiful Korean style lunch/dinner places called 'Han-jyung-sik'. PoolHyanggi is one place I can recommend. Flower-bibimbab in Seocheodong was very nice too. I liked the traditional style luncheon at a restaurant in the house of a late choseon dynasty's noble man. It was near Sam-chung-dong, I could find Kyungbok palace on the way. Sorry, I forgot the name of the restaurant... Easy choice could be found in Insadong, like 'Sanchon'. They have some. :) Overall, I'd like to recommend 'han jyung sik' traditional Korean style full course meal. :)
Or try flower bibimbab!
I love Korean food because it is FRESH. In Busan or at some ports, you may be able to see a diver get your food and within minutes it’s on your table. If you like seafood, Korea can’t be beat. On the other hand, if you like grilled beef that’s also great with lots of complimentary vegetables and Kimchi. What you really need are some true locals to show you around and get you into some great out of the way local restaurants…
I have to say, if you are into delicacies, try Beondeggi. It's basically a silkworm pupae, boiled and ready to eat!
I had to try it since it was a normal snack item in many tourist attractions that I have visited in Korea ie. Gyeongbukgong Palace, and other big sites.

Don't worry, it's not the taste that you will remember, it's the smell of it (from a mile away..)
When I first came to Seoul I was quite excited to try all the new and exciting food Korea has to offer. One of my favorite dishes is "Soondae", Korean blood sausage.
"Now a popular sausage served Korea wide, a version of this dish may have originated in the mountainous regions of Goguryeo (one of the Three Kingdoms) located in the northern portion of Korea and parts of Manchuria. It was originally made with the intestine from wild boar (pigs)."
Now is it readily available all over Korea.

Another favorite of mine is "Jok Pal", Korean Pigs Feet. ""The hair is removed from pigs' feet and they are thoroughly washed. Leeks, garlic, ginger, cheongju (rice wine) and water are brought to a boil. The pigs' feet are added, brought back to a boil and then simmered until tender. Then additional water, sugar and soy sauce are poured into the pot and the contents are slowly stirred. Once the jokbal is fully cooked, bones are removed, and the meat is cut into thick slices. It is then served with fermented shrimp sauce called saeujeot (새우젓)." This is a must!!
At first, I had to get used to Korean food, especially the Kimchi and spicyness. I enjoy the Sukbul Kalbi where beef or pork is basically barbequed. I also enjoy the fresh vegetables accompanying all dishes. My favourite Kimchi must be the cucumber Kimchi. I also enjoyed Samgetang where a whole chicken is cooked in a very healthy vegetable soup (with Ginseng). I also enjoy dried anchovy prepared with cooking syrup and soy sauce. The Dak Kalbi ( Spicy Chicken) is also very good.

My favourite place so far must be Insadong, Myeongdong and Dongdaemoun in Seoul. All of these areas are true shopping paradises, vibrant and many art shops in Insadong. Gyeongbokung Palace is a site to see especially the pavillion on the lake.
In Suwon the Hwaseong Fortress with its Palace is also a worthwhile experience, especially if you can include the martial arts display and changing of the guards.
I'm not particularly fan of Korean food: it's either VERY spicy or too bland. I have lived here for a very long time, and I tried EVERYTHING, including dog, which tastes just like spicy black chicken. But, you HAVE TO TRY two things: one is called Kalbi (or barbecue) and it comes in many kinds of meat - my favorite is pork. What makes this dish so special is the sauce. I could eat it every day, it's simply DELICIOUS...
The second one is Bulbogi, which is a sweetened marinated barbecued beef, and it is the most popular Korean dish in America.
But you know what? Just try what you think is good, and make your own conclusions. If you don't like spicy food, for instance, NEVER try anything red in this country.
The best place? You have to explore, but the barbecue houses are usually next to each other. For kalbi, try the Jongno area, and bulgogi there's a new chain called Bulgogi Brothers. And enjoy everything, you may find many other yummy dishes along...
Of course!!! I absolutely LOVE Korean food!!!
My favorite place in Korea is Busan. Gwangali Beach is particularly good place to hang out on weekends. The beach is just across the street from a long boulevard filled with bars and restaurants in such variety that you are bound to find one to your liking.
In Seoul, I would recommend Namdaemun market. It is one of the last traditional street markets in Korea. You are most likely to find the best food in the market. My favorite in Namdaemun market is their famous Cutlashfish boiled in soy sauce and spices (Galchijorim). The prices there are generally cheaper than Dongdaemun, the other major market in Seoul. But you have to shop around, because prices will vary on the exact same product depending on where you buy it. If you can haggle, then it's all the more fun. NEVER buy anything at the price they call.
I really love many of the Korean dishes with my favortite being bean paste soup. Silk worms and "sausages" are specialities that are memorable but they are a pass in my books. My favorite style of cooking is the traditional fare that isn't particularly spicy but allows a taster to enjoy a variety of dishes at one sitting. Traditional Korean restaurants that specialize course menu are a terrific place to visit. ()

Korean also has regional specialities and I live in Suwon where Kalbi, beef short ribs, are famous. The most famous restaurant to experience this dish is Bon Suwon Kalbi but be prepared to spend up to 40,000 won per person and come hungry as this isn't a light meal. ()

Another interesting place to eat is the outdoor market at the Korean Folk Village in Yong-in. If you can, it is best to visit on a weekday to avoid the crowds. The market is located at the back of the village so don't go hungry as it takes most visitors about an hour and a half to wander through the village. They have very good traditional liquor called "Dong-dong Ju" which goes very well with the assorted pancakes and makes a great snack before moving on to tour the rest of the village. ()

It is hard to mention all the great food but here is a link to the Korea National Tourism Organization webpage that has pictures of the tasty treats available here on the ROK. ()

There is a lot of talk about what to eat, but not as much on where. Of course, Insadong is ok, but it has been driven into an expensive commercial area more and move over the years, which naturally is bringing the traditional side with it. Right there, in the Jongno area by Jonggak station there are loads of restaurants, albeit not all traditional. The same could be true for almost any school areas, but especially Hongdae and Shinchon, yet there is a lot of good food. Naturally, the oceanside places usually have great meals, especially blue crab soup, but as others have noted, you have to be ready for the typical Korean hell broth. But ultimately, as for favorites, there isnt anything like a great place that is out of the way... Kapung, Kangreun, or loads of southern places with farming... as well as the restaurants in or below trekking areas. Your bound to find something nice. If you go to the old fortress in Seoul on the pink line (Namhansansung), which is basically a hollowed out mountain top that has been made into a traditional area you can find a lot of great food spots and an interesting place to boot. Enjoy :)
I have no real suggestions on where to eat. There are sooooo many restaurants everywhere that you wonder how any turn a profit. It would be good to have a Korean or ex-pat show you around.
However, one of my favourites is Korean pancake call "Pajeon" and the most famous place in Korea is in a town called "Hoegi" they have a street dedicated to this specialty. When you eat Pajeon you traditionally drink Korean rice wine "maekoli" with it. Some people like this drink, but I think it tastes like juice from the bottom of a bin. Hey, give it a try though. haha.
They are near the station and if you ask anyone around there they will point you in the right direction.
yes!korean food is very nice..n they r low fat very good 4 health.if u come here 4 the first time u better try Kimchi Gigae n Bulgugi.the best place i like in korea is Itaewon(which good 4 foreigners 2 staythey have lots of places 4 fun n hang out,)n Meongdong(shopping center,the biggest in Korea)
hope its usefull
good luck
I'm totally in love with Korean food. I've been to Seoul and Taejon years back during uni days. Throughout my trip I disovered a very nice restaurant for "Sam-kye-tang" (Ginseng chicken) in Myeongdong, forgotten the name of the shop. And in Taejon, our host (university professor) brought us to a traditional restaurant for Ginseng duck! That was really wonderful.

I'll be posting more recipes on Korean food which you can cook at home at my blog. Check out for the first one on Bulgogi.

You will have a great choice in Korea :
Spicy food indeed but also sea food, BBQ, and so many...
One of my favorite in Panjeung (meat, fish and vegetebles fried).
The best place for me is Jeju, especialy the south where i live.
I'm a Korean ^_^ live in Gangneung along the east coast.
very lovely city.
come over and experience ^^.
I can show you around~

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