I´m travelling to Morocco and i´m thinking about going to Oualidia. I was already there and I really liked it; we stayed at a house...

...near the beach and a fisherman came to cook at our house. What I want to know is if there is a place on the coast near Oualidia that you think is better than Oualidia and that you can answer in french if you prefer


Country: Morocco


Hello I think If you like the coast and small towns ( and fish haha) you would love Essaouira. It is very beautiful with a nice medina and some interesting surrrounding. famous for the surfing too . it is south SAFI ( about an hour or 2)and north agadir. From there, it is 3 hours from MARRAKECH wich is a nice place to visit for a day or 2.
I found a rental on this site in Essaouira :
Let me know if this help.
I myself is a big fan of Oulaidia, because of the lagoon and its nature. Essaouira is a very cute town, and the beach is nice.(Naturewise,Ouialidia is better though)
About 30 min. north of Essaouira, lies Essaouira camping,where you can rent nice bungalows with beach view for about 50 euro/night. It is a long, wide and deserted beach. The only drawback is that you do not have much choice when it comes to restaurants.
South of Agadir you have several wonderful, undeveloped beaches and villages. (With a few nice guesthouses like "les trois chameaux",)But these beaches are most easily accessed if you fly to Agadir. Hope this answer is of help! Have a nice trip!
eu estou em Marrkech. Nao conheco Oualidia, mas posso dizer-te que me deixaste curioso. abraco e Boas ferias.
well, something similar to oualidia is far difficult to spot. Yet, between el jadida and essaouira deserted beaches are at random and it all depends on you.
further south i recommend the mirleft, aglou and la playa blanca south of Agadir for some great wideopen spaces. If you like simple relaxing corners, Essaouira is famous for that. enjoy!!!
oualidia ist the BEST
A wonderful and cheap place at a nice moroccan family, from your bed you see the sea: Souad 076793550 or 023366155. And if you pass by Marrakech, of cause, don't miss Zina:
Good luck!
Hi- Oualida is great - very quiet, not very touristy, lovely fish and oysters and lagoons. It is getting more popular so good to go now. There is also Essaouira, very beautiful but more tourists there; also Safi and Sidi Ifni much further south with Spanish colonial feel to it. Try them all! Don't just stay in one place! Morocco has so much to offer! All the best Catherine
Oualidia is a lovely place!As I am based in Tangier I can help you find good appartment here at good price.

Thanks and good luck
Essaouira is the best choice for near places to Oualidia
& if you want another places there is the coasts southern Agadir (Mirleft, Aglou,...erc)
hello traveller, i think that oualidia is one of the best beaches not only in the area,but all over the country...still there are other beaches, nearby that you can enjoy, like mehdia,sable d'or, or bouzni9a. but if your trip includes the north i'd recommend wad laou beach, and if you are reaching the south i'd recommend mir-left beach. and if you have some time drop to fes, i'd be glad to show you around ,it's a nice city as well. take care
hi miguel

oualidia is very nice town, you can travel to Essaouira, it's a little town near the ocean in the south of oualidia, it's not better than oualidia but if you like oualidia you will like Essaouira, between oualidia and essaouira there is el jadida and safi to see.
enjoy your trip miguel
let me know what you think about your travel
best regards
Hi there is a nice village Mirleft 140 km south of Agadir the weather is always good ( i spend all the year in the beach ), u may like to visit ...
Oualidia is on the Atlantic ocean.if you are curious to see other part of Morocco so go to the Mediterranean beaches where you ca eat the best fish in Morocco.really delicious.I will recommend to check this website below for an apartment at Tamuda bay north of Morocco at
Bonjour de Marrakech

Il existe une résidence para hotelière très bien dont le nom est Les Jardins de la Lagune


Les Jardins de la Lagune

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