off the strip


City: Las Vegas

State: Nevada

Country: United States


Vegas gets quite odd once you get off the strip ... check out the various thrift stores and pawn brokers to see the offerings of traded in fashion and jewelry. One of my favorite 'on-strip' hidden spots is the bar in the back of the Peppermill - the front is an old school dinner but the back is an awesome neon and sunken fire pit wonderland - especially awesome if your Limo drops you off at the back door. You can also head out to see the various Neon graveyards (the call them Museums now) or if your feeling really adventurous jump in a car and go see 'Bonnie Springs' a real live 'western town' - it's actual fun in a cheesy way but if you go late head into the saloon and buy the gunslinger a drink. The adjoining Motel has a featured scene in the keira knightley film Domino. Finally don't miss the Liberace museum.

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