I am Very much passionate to visit Brazil, and the continent, Can Ii find cheep Accommodation, Is it expensive to holiday Brazil,

Don’t Have much money But my passion is to come to Brazil and Congo stay with Locals and to hang around, what would be a cheap clean place cost, who is the food is it expensive?


Country: Brazil


Try the CouchSurfing. Also, in Brazil have a lot of hostels (mainly in Rio) that you can find a cheap accomodation.
well, brazil is a huge country, there are so many things to do here...
tell me what city dou you like to visit, and i tell you more about it
i leave in Trancoso Bahia and this is an amazing place!
you can find good places with good prices over here.
how long do you want to stay?
what is a cheap place for you
if you need photos just tell me,ok.
Hi Amendra. The brazilian currency is very strong now and Brazil is not as cheap as 5 years ago but it is possible to find good hostels in Rio and I am sure you will have a great time here. About food, it is fantastic and there are the Kilo restaurants where you pay your meal by the weight.
Couch surfing is a good option.
If I were you I would start by visiting Congo. It is much cheaper, for sure!
Have fun.
Hi, Brazil can be quite cheap or much more expensive, depending on where you stay and when you visit. Rio is probably the most expensive city, especially during high season (Brazilian summer, especially New Year/Carnival and from June-August during the US summer). Travel outside these times and you can find reasonable accommodation. Ipanema and Leblon are very expensive, but Copacabana is a bit cheaper and there are plenty of hostels. If you don't mind having to travel to the beach, Botafogo has lots of good hostels that are not too expensive, and Santa Teresa, up in the hills, is a beautiful neighborhood with good guest houses and a couple of hostels. You can eat cheaply if you know where to look - many places (especially for lunch) have a pay-by-weight system, and these are usually cheaper before 11am and after 2pm. Those in Ipanema are quite expensive but in Centro can be quite cheap. Also look out for 'rodizio' places where you can eat as much as you like for a set price.
The northeast of Brazil is much cheaper and has some amazing beaches.

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