I'm hoping to do a Sri Lankan cooking class in Colombo in October around the 25th or 26th I was wondering if you could tell me if...

...there is anything like this available


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So you want to learn Sri Lankan cooking? OK friend, there are cookery classes, but I don't know whether you can participate in one exactly on those days.
I wish you come to Kandy. You see, my wife is the best cook I know! Anyway, I will give you the site of Mrs.Mallika Joseph, a renowned expert in the field. You can contact her, and may be arrange a special class for you.
Thank you I will try and get in touch with her, any other suggestions would be great as well
Dear friend ,If You want to learn Srilankan cookery You have more places to learn in colombo.there are many recodnized hotel schools in colombo.
There are many (ladies) who conduct Sri lankan Cookery Classes at their homes like malika joseph etc. I know only one person. She who is my good friends mother, Mrs. Daniels.. Some hotels have cookery demonstration for in house guests. You will have to contact hotels or hotel schools and inquire..

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Check out this website.
Hey there,

You want to learn Sri Lankan cooking is it? May I please know what nationality you are.
I can recommend someone who is an expert on all types of dishes. She has 27 years of experience as a chef, and well her food is just amazing.
May I why those two dates? Are you only going to be here then?
If you are interested, what you could do is, talk to her before hand, so you can sort out which dishes you actually want to learn, that was you won't be wasting time on the day of actual learning. Please get back to me if you are interested.
Thank you for your response, my Friend and I are Australian and we will will only have these two days free in Colombo We were hoping to spend one of these day learning how to cook some of the local dishes. It would be great if you could help me out
Yes There is. There are plenty of Hotel Schools in Colombo. Other wise come to me I ll arrange that at home.
Hemal. ()
There are many Sri lankan dishes,Porriages,different methods of Rice cooking,curries,sambals,desserts,chutneys,sweets etc,My Idea is that, you are unable to learn all, within two days but if you can specify some,I can arrange classes for you.My contact E.mail is also you can combine your stay with a tour, which also i can arrange for you, at a cheaper rate, if you tell me your requirments.

if you like to taste REAL Sri Lankan cuisine, I would certainly recommend Dr Publis Silva who has more than 50 years of experience in the field. He has a "cook with me" program. Visit and for more details.

The first link has the time table for cooking sessions. Try SL food if you dare... they can be really hot :)

Bon Apetit....

ok what u need cook sri lankan or western or chaineese tell also if u are here only 2 days u dont need go to class we can tell u
Yes, first of all you are welcome. We can arrange a place for you to conduct the classes and organise the event. Please let us know you expense budget and mode of operendi.

Otherwise, if you plan to join a exhibition or some other event on this particular day, we need time to find and confirm.

Please respond to us for further details.
If you would like I can arrenge you to have a class with a Chef who work for a five star hotel in Sri Lanka specialized in Sri Lankan foods.
Justyne, reading through the answers here, I can recommend Mallika Joseph and Pablis. Mallika is personally known to me and she has been a professional cookery demonstrator for many years. Pablis was the chief Sri Lankan chef at the Mount Lavinia Hotel. Maybe you can fit yourself into a program with either of them. Are there any specific dishes you want to learn? I have friends and relatives in Melbourne who should be able to help you. Let me know.
Olivia -
So you want to learn Sri Lankan cooking? OK friend, there are cookery classes, but I don't know whether you can participate in one exactly on those days.

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