Hi Thanks everyone for your wonderful advice. We have booked a holiday for 12 nights to Koh Samui and 2 nights in Bangkok (WE HAVE...

...BEEN TO BANGKOK BEFORE) and will be staying In Millenium Hilton in Bangkok and in Koh Samui very near Boh Phut fishing village in the Mercure Samui Buri Resort. I would welcome any advice you can forward on; Best attractions to visit Best and most competitive way to get to the attractions Best value for money and good quality Restaurants Best night entertainment, shows etc. We will be going to Chaweng beach for 1 or 2 nights-what is the best and most comeptitive way to get there from Boh Phut. Any other tips you may have. We are looking forward to seeing all the wonderful friendly people of Thailand "again" Thanks Eamon


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I recommend you Somboon Restaurant (if you like seafood), Take the shuttle boat from Millenium Hilton, then BTS (Skytrain) to Chong Nonsi Station. Corner Naratiwah and Surawong.
When in the Millenium Hilton, just cross the river then walk down Si Praya a few hundred meters (before cross with Charoen Krung). On your right you will find the best relaxing massage at Thai Pride. Ask for Rung or Wai. This is the best way to relax from jet lag.
There are 1000s best of everything in Bkk, and even after 15 yrs here at this place I don't know them all yet.
However, one almost never disappoints: Bayoke 2 (highest building in Bkk) retaurant on the top floors and viewing platform on top of the building.
You may go there for lunch or dinner. It depends, if you want to enjoy the day or night view of the city. An early dinner would give you both! The food (buffet) is gorgeous: Thai, European, Japanese, Vietnamese, Korean, Chinese etc.etc., you name it. From your hotel just cross the road by the pedestrian bridge, continue the small lane and you are there. Make your way up to the top. Some where inbetween (I have forgotten the exact floor number) you have to buy your tickets. It's not cheap, however worthwhile every Baht of it. You are not a cheapy, aren't you. And don't forget to take the outside view lift down, which will give some more excitement. Enjoy it!
Hello and once again Wilfried has some good advise. Also look at .com for more attractions and honest reviews.
Have a wonderful and safe visit.
Hello and once again Wilfried has some good advise. Also look at .com for more attractions and honest reviews.
Have a wonderful and safe visit.
@ I love Boh Phut fishing village area, I stayed threre over new year holiday on 2009.It's nice and quiet places with nice shopping area and good restaurants.

Best attractions to visit in bangkok.
@ Art and museum in bangkok
-Museum Siam
-Art muuem (opposite MBK)
-Bangnumpueng Floating Market,Talingchun Floating Market and Klong ladmayom Floating market (open on weekend only).
-JJ market,Famous weekend market.

Best and most competitive way to get to the attractions
@ Hop by skytrain around bangkok is most convenient choice.

Best value for money and good quality Restaurants
@ Japanese buffet restaurant on Rama IV rd offer 350thb only for dinner.

Best night entertainment, shows etc.
@ Club crawling in RCA, Thonglor.

We will be going to Chaweng beach for 1 or 2 nights-what is the best and most comeptitive way to get there from Boh Phut.
@ Motorbike or Car rental.

xx Honey
Dear Eamon,
Just across the river, you'll see Le Bua Hotel/State Tower. (the white building with the golden dome on top of it) On this rooftop you'll find Sirocco bar/restaurant on the 64th floor. The food is excellent and the views breathtaking.
If you want to know unseen Bangkok, have a look at


Hello Eamon,

I live in Koh Phangan and spend most of my time traveling the islands so i do not hvae much to tell you about Bangkok except to say that I have stayed at Millenium and it is really nice.
As far as the islands, Koh Samui is busy and beautiful. Chaweng is the busiest and from Bophut its probably a 300bht taxi ride. A short ferry ride (25 minutes)for 250bht will get you across to Koh Phangan and the Moon parties, buit also a place that is much less busy and quiet. The moon parties are great with the Half moon party being my favorite. It runs 2 times a month, one week before and after the full moon party. Of course the full moon party is something to check out if you have never been. Quite a scene. Enjoy!
Hi Eamon
I just can confirm you the suggestions of Winfried and Andre,
absolute TOP SPOTS in Bangkok. Enjoy yourself ;-)
I used to live in Bophut....if you fancy a good value meal go to Mickey's All you can eat for 199 Baht opposite the 7/11 near the temple. He serves ribs, chicken burgers etc. the beer is cheap too!!! More upscale in the village there is always The Shack and Billabong Surfclub is always good...especially on live music nights. To get to Chaweng from Bophut hire a jeep. Don't get a taxi as the return fare is more than the jeep rental with the added bonus of seeing the island during the day under your own steam. There is lots to do....
Hi Eamon, good joice in fishermans village,, getting around the village is on foot lots to see, Chaweng get a taxi not cheap stick to your guns, all out between 300 /400 baht, parking in chaweng is difficult, i dont recomend a motobike at any time ,, accidents are common!! you will se how it works, ,, have fun,,, safe journey
Great see you in Bangkok
Hi Eamon
don't worry about night life in Bangkok...and also wonderfull beach side in Samui...Just try everything that you're intersted.....Like word"I'm on Holiday!"..Welcome to Thailand....
Hallo Eamon, I’m not sure how much I can help. So I could not say that I recommend. But I would say I also one who like travel. And I will answer because I even travel there before. First I would say I like kho Samui so much…I ever went there long time ago, but if I have time I would like to go there again. The last time when I went there it around on October. I went by travel bus. From Kaew-San road (There had a lot of tourist agency that you can find.) I thought it easier than you will go by bus and continue. Because with this way agency will take care you with the bus that had more space than normal bus and with the price that you pay with agency will pust boat already. So the bus will bring you direct to the pier and then you can continue to Samui island direct. At that time when I went that at Chaweng beach was so full. So me and friends change to stay at Lamai beach. (People at the island suggest us.) And I like there so much. But it not big hotel…just small house with bed for two, fan and bathroom. I thought its enough for stay. But the most l like is I can direct to the beach coz beach was in front the house. So was so beautiful and quiet. And if you think of some convenient I can say that don’t have to worry…coz in the island you can rent motorbike day by day or can take minibus that have during the day for you can take to everywhere….with motorbike if you rent I can say that the road in the island its easy…don’t worry to lost way. In the island has some convenient stores that you can shopping a little bit…if you want (^^,)….and there did not have only beach….there also had waterfall its good mix between beach + sea + and water I though. And about the bar I have to say not sure coz last time I when there just someday so….but when I’m there I went some party call black moon party. It s was fun. And from there you can change to another island that not so far….Is Pangan Island there also so beautiful and famous about full moon party also but one thing that I notice is there had a lot of foreigners. Coz when I went there we’re just one group of Thai..(^^) Have to tell coz some people like to live as traditional people. But about the price of bungalow will more expensive than Samui Island a little bit.
About Kho Chang I had also nice Experian but i went only one beach so not sure how to suggestion. But a lot of people say there are so nice to. I went to long beach around 2 year ago, there was so nice and quiet. There are so cheap with many kind of the small house,… close to the beach, tree house, and house on mountain. Sooo nice but there had electricity just at 1 am. To 1 pm. Or maybe rest. So that mean in the house have no fan no nothing just bed for sleep only. And with open air bathroom but clean enough. But you will get really nice Experian. You can read some more detail from this site.
But about how to travel….you have to check again…here--->
I don't really know about restaurants, the other things to see in Samui are quite publicised, The unmissable "Big Buddha", the mummified monk (see if you can make a noise with the gong.... not easy), The Grandad grandma rocks, and lots of other sights. You should definitely stop for lunch at the restaurant located on the hill between Chaweng & Lamai beaches. I think called beverley hills, not sure, but easy to work out which one it is (there are one or two there, so be sure it's the right one, right at the top), which has spectacular panoramic views.
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Thanks but we have collection to anf from already arranged.
However we would welcome perhaps a guide for a day to take and show us the "key" sights in Bangkok as we will have only 1 full day. Can you perhaps provide that service and your best price.


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