hello. im a 24yo from japan, and im a big fan of the beautiful country of singapre! i am trying to find a job and move to singapore!...

...and in september, i will be there for some interviews. (from sept 15, for 2-3 weeks) so now im hoping to find some CHEAP place to stay (or even nice ppl to let me stay over..!) ... any ideas?? i wont really care as long as it has a bed, toilet and shower and enough space to put my suitcase in. also, if i do manage to get a job and stay there to LIVE, id appreciate ppl who would be my friend and show me around and hang out with me! thanx!


Country: Singapore


Welcome to Singapore! It's an amazing place here and you will grow to love here. If you do manage to get your job, feel free to contact me! I can bring you around in Singapore. And you can check out to see which hostel in Singapore can accomodate your needs and budget better? See you :)

Singapore is a great place to live and work.. and i'm sure you'll love it.. :).. If you need a place to stay we can arrange it for you..

I live in Singapore but am currently in Tokyo if you're nearby let me know and we can discuss everything ya want to know about the place...

u r in tokyo? do u think we can meet up while ure here?
1st of all, welcome to singapore, but prepare that singapore is a very warmth country, in term of hospitality from the people here and also the weather over here..
I think u can find many cheap hotel stay in singapore at about 40-60 dollars SGD, I wouldn't suggest you stay with stranger unless you know him/she well. If you really settle down here with a job offer, I can offer to bring you around singapore..Once again, please let me know if you reach Singapore.
Best Regards,
September is generally a lull period in Singapore as the tourist crown normally arrives during the Nov-Dec period due to the Christmas festivities. However, we are hosting the F1 raqce in Singapore from 25-27 Sep and hotel rates will experience a hike.

Depending on where you are going foran interview, I believe a city location would be what you are looking for.

Places you can consider are
1) The Beach Hotel, 10 minutes walk to Suntec City. Basic accomodation that has a bed, shower and TV.
2) If you are staying for more than 2 weeks, you can consider asking them for a discount but aviod the F1 period as most will not offer you a discounted stay.
3) Other places you can consider are Elizabeth Hotel at McKenzie Road, YWCA, YMCA
4) Try Craigslist and post your accomodation requirements
5) Search classified ads for short term accomodations in sites like
Hello...I'm not very sure can I cover the whole topic on the place to stay but I'll try since alot of other people have already tell you about. They cheapest place to stay as I know is in Geylang where hotels can be as cheap as $80/day on weekends and $60/day on weekdays but this is only a price if there is a friend working there and don't mind registering you under their name. If you're only a visitor it will be much more expensive. Although this is so, Geylang is a much crowdier area and 'not very clean' despite many great foods there. There are many hostels around but they don't come cheap. I remember there's a place call traveller's lodge. The place is in Chinatown and I heard many comments that it is a not bad place to stay too for short-term. If you know you are going to stay here for a month or more, hostels will be a much safer place. I'm sorry I can't lend you a place to stay because I'm also renting a room here but I can offer you help to find a room after you have got your work/student pass.
I would be glad to be your friend and show you around when you are here. Keep in touch. Just message me when you're in Singapore^^
Good luck for your interview! We certainly hope you'd find a job here. Singapore is a nice country. We have a spare room that can be utilised for your stay here. We can discuss further if you are keen. Apart from that, I can show you around in Singapore. Cheers!
really? how can i get in touch?
thank you every one of you for answering my question!!! i already feel welcomed and cannot wait to be there!!!:D i definitely want to contact you once im there, as i will have no friend and would be good to know ppl when i move there!! thanx again!! stay in touch!
Hi Lostprophette,

You can write or MSN me at
I'll provide you more of my contact once we established contact. Cheers!
You can check
it`s full of list CHEAP hostel in Singapore
lower than 50 SgD

i recomended this

i have stay here for a my last travel to singapore
it`s near from MRT station (1 minute walk)
near from good cheap n clean restaurant (i minute walk)
near from Airport (5 minute by MRT)
hi,...generally september is a good month to come but since last year we have started hosting the F1 night race making the second half month of September a boom time for tourism....hotel rates tends to be higher than usual.
Temporary short term stays in budget hotels or boarding houses are available for lease of about 2-3 weeks. Average of S$500-1000 for a 2 week stay depending on location & size. Staying at a stranger house is not advisable unless you have know them. If you need more info and friends to show you around when you are here, please drop me an email: .
Hi! Welcome to Singapore!...all the best for your interview.You need a friend to show you around,I can be your guide.No regrets that you will enjoy your stay in here!-Cheers.

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