where in thailand can i get a good clothing franchising shop to buy clothes in mass?


Country: Thailand


There are lots of places and most of it are in Bangkok. Here is my suggestion :
J.J. Market or Jatujak Market, opens on weekends. It's very popular among wholesalers and traders. Selling variety stuffs, especially clothings, and in a very good prices and deals too. Because mostly, prices are in Wholesales price. If you buy a mass amount, of course, the price would be pretty cheap. But also, the qualities are various.
first I have to ask what are you looking for and what is your quantities, my be you should be looking for factories instead of hole sales.

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Need more information on what and how many do you want.
Thailand has great manufactoring and its easy to custom make for your needs.
Are you talking hundreds or thousands of items?
Go to PRATUNAM MARKET in central Bangkok. It specializes in bulk buying & you can make lots of contacts there who will send goods to you in future without you having to visit Thailand. There is loads of "off the rack" stuff, also lots of shops where they will manufacture to your own design. Its a very large indoor place and well known, so easy to get to. It's near the "SKY HOTEL" which is the tallest building in Bangkok, you can't miss it.
1. Platinum Fashion Mall--
2. Baiyok Tower--
3. Chatujak Market area--the famous weekend market, including JJ Malls--which also opens during weekdays.--

Have fun shopping!!
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Happy shopping.
Hello. You can buy bulk clothing any wher in Bangkok, also in Arranyapretet on the border, what ever thing you require can be bought in different places ie. army type clothing . from bayoke tower 2, also t.shirts ect, regards Derek,

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