i want to know which is the best island to visit in thailand, good and cheap too..


Country: Thailand


There is nothing like that as "your best Island" may be "the other person's" worst.
However I shall give you some criteria for selection.
If you like nightlife more than beach, go to Phuket. If you like beaches best, including some activities like snorkeling and kayaking, go to Krabi, Ko Lanta or the small islands off the coast off Trang province, or Ko Khut off the cost of east Thailand (belonging to the Ko Chang archipelago). Another possibility is to go to Ko Samui or another island of this group.However, if you are going now, this area will get the one and odd shower of the winter monsoon.
As far as prices are concerned you have to be aware that now is peak/high season, meaning that prices are generally speaking higher than in the other seasons. On the other hand, you will find anywhere lowcost accomadation and food versus highcost and luxury.
The choice is all yours.
I agree with Mr. Giesler. There are no "best" islands. Most of them at great but some are rated higher but more expensive like Krabi. Koh Chang, Koh Samui etc are all great islands and not too expensive.
Koh Larn just off Pattaya is nothing special but it is pretty cheap and the ocean water is clear.
I suggest you do some research on the net about these islands to see which one takes your fancy.
My two cents worth, I would suggest these islands for a proper island experience, Ko Rok, Ko Phra Thong, Ko Ra.
Phuket, without a doubt, is the most expensive island in Thailand.
Read Wilfried suggestions/comparisons/comments: I'd add the 2nd lagest island:
Koh Chang / Trat province near Cambodia.

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