@rjwoodyatt17 any tips for Canada? #canada


Country: Canada


Canada is a very large country. Where are you going?
As the second largest country in the world, it's hard to give any one travel tip for Canada. There's a large arctic region to explore, rain forest on the west coast, the Rocky Mountains, plains, major cities in the centre and quaint fishing villages with a distinct Maritime culture here on the East Coast. We recommend you choose a region you want to explore and then get tips for that region. All the best. We look forward to welcoming you to Canada some day.
Check the weather before you come, and be prepared for some drastic day/night temperature differences. Don't make fun of what you think is a "Canadian" accent. That's something the Americans made up and we've all heard it before. Same with "eh".

When you come, be sure to eat some real bacon, a butter tart, and spend lots of time outside.

If you are more specific with your destination, we can be of better help!

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