I'm planning a 3 week road trip between melbourne > brisbane, but stuck for ideas. Any top route tips? #australia


Country: Australia


Hi there,

Sounds like an awesome trip! There are so many places you can see and visit along the way, it's hard to know where to start! There are a number of considerations you might need to think about - for example, the time of year you are looking at could possibly determine the route you take. There is a lot of spectacular coastal scenery right through from Victoria to Queensland, but there are also some great adventures to be found by taking an inland route and exploring some of the highland and country areas. I would possibly suggest an inland route from Melbourne to explore places like Ballarat before maybe heading up to some of the high country and then heading on to Canberra, maybe the NSW Southern Highlands and then to Sydney. From there you can take the Pacific Highway which will allow you to explore some of the great beachside towns on the NSW coast before heading up into Byron Bay and then into Queensland's Gold Coast and onto Brisbane. There are a lot of places to see in between! What sort of plans do you have in place at the moment? If you can let me know your thoughts, I and possibly assist in filling in some of the blanks for you..

- Matt :)
I live in Canberra and recently had a good friend visit with me from West Virginia. He had never been to Australia before so the road trip I took him on started in Canberra - up to Bribane, then down to Sydney, on to Melbourne and then back to Canberra. A great rougn trip and a lot to see and do.

I recommend that no matter which way, or what you decide, take the Newell Highway in as part of the journey. You can take the Pacific Highway both ways, as the price of fuel is so much cheaper on the Pacific Highway, but you do miss out on the inland vs coastal experience, and both are worth a few cents a litre.

You will find the Pacific Highway easier to travel as it has far more duel laneway than the Newell. and there are also a lot more rest areas on the Pacific.

If your not in a hurry and looking for things to do while your driving take the Newell Highway because there is a lot more to see and do. There is the big dish at Parkes (from the Movie, The Dish), The huge zoo at Dubbo (an easy day between each).

Using the Pacific Highway there are plenty of little towns and big to spend some time looking around. Ballina is a great spot and Port Macquarie is a nice place to stop for lunch. Call into Gundagai and check out the dog on the Tuckerbox.

Both Highways are in great condition with plenty of 110 speed limits. Just watch the permanently mounted speed cameras in all three states (Melbourne, NSW, Victoria). Also, do not forget to arrange a eTag for the tollways, you can do this online: Also if you get a chance, be sure to visit Canberra, especially the Australian War Memorial/Museum, its well worth the visit.

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