I have a 6 hour layover in Tokyo. I would love some suggestions about how I can make the most of this time without missing flight!


City: Tokyo

Prefecture: Tokyo

Country: Japan


Narita Airport or Haneda Airport?
If you have a layover at the Narita airport,how about the Narita temple?
Yeah, if it's Narita, I agree with Narita temple and gardens. Central Tokyo is too far away and involved for just 6 hours on the ground.
There is a big temple in Narita called Narita-san which is a nice place to visit. It is just one stop away in Narita city the first stop on either JR or Keisei line. From Narita Station it is a short bus ride to the temple. Depending on your budget and interests suggestions would vary, ie What is your age? Male or Female? What are you interested in?
Is your layover in Tokyo at Narita or Haneda airport? That will make a big difference. Most international flights go through Narita, and that is about 2 hours outside of Tokyo. So if you only have a 6 hour layover, the best you could do if take a short tour around Narita to the local temple etc, which is not bad. If Haneda, you could go into Tokyo and do much more. Please also be careful since they probably want you back 2 hours before the flight out and it will take an hour to clear out of your incoming flight and through customs, so not too much time. But Japan is the most safe, clean, and "on time" of all Asian nations and I think you still might really enjoy 2-3 hours of a quick view outside the airport. Hope this helps a bit and wishing you a wonderful layover, making the most of your trip!
I used to live in Narita. I would be too anxious about missing my flight with only 6 hours to spare. Maybe you could go to a cafe or sushi bar in the main street of Narita, but if I could get wifi at the airport, I'd do justice to Japan, and simply come back another time. How dare you only spend 6hrs there! :)
As mentioned it depends on the airport you have your layover in. You can get to Ueno on the Keisei Skyliner in about 40 minutes from narit if you really want to see a bit of Tokyo..

Naritasan has been mentioned but also Jusco Aeon Narita Shopping Centre will give you plenty of things to do.

Also Jusco The barge INN is a big hangout for flight crew and locals. It is just a couple of minutes from the station in Narita City.

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