where is the favorite place you can advice your clients to visit in Rift valley circuit


City: Nakuru

Province: Rift Valley

Country: Kenya


I like the whole of the Rift Valley there are many place to see as well as so many things to see. but my favourite place would be Naivasha and especially Hell's gate. I like this place because of the gorges that you visit and climb. The national park is so extensive and very beautiful to go to.

After that there are so many hotels near that you would relax after a (long day's work) i mean the walk and the climb.After that the climb would be Lake Elementaita where there is a nature trail. I discovered recently till the lake very romantic place to go as well as affordable hotels too as well very good ambiance.

The circuit would not end well without coming to Lake Nakuru and visit the whole lake very interesting now that rains have come.

Every day is a discovery in nakuru
Rift Valley is a region of diverse contrast within Kenya's diverse Physical features. You have opportunity to experience arid climate if you visited Northern Rift Valley; Come to the lower parts of North Rift for an experience of temperate climate of the Uasingishu Plateau; as you come to the South, the highlands become cooler.

The dry savannah grassland of the vast masai land where both herbivorous and predators, the Lions, Leopards and Hyenas are found all year round.

Pr Kirui calm waters camp

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