What place in the Dominican Republic is the most fun to go to in January? E.g. for partying, with nice and clean beaches, decent service...


Country: Dominican Republic


Hey Mariana it depends on where you want to stay at, for sample if you stay in the city then you have many choices like stay on a city hotel like BQ or Jaragua, rent a car and travel around, if you stay at a resort it depends on the area you want to go i totally recomend you Samana or Punta Cana which are for me the best beaches, well hope this helped you out, take care
With out a doubt Cabarete. In general, it is up to your taste, but if you want a bohemian place where mainly all the front of the beaches are little restaurant and bars influenced by surfers, kite and windsurfers not a 100% inclusve hotel thats the place to go, now if you want to go to a Hotel where all is included in one price, where Hotel does not allow exterior customer to access the beach but besides the baches and paties are nice then Bavaro... prices vary since your expenses will vary according to your budget all include it..

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I personally like the RIU PALACE PUNTA CANA, is a very beautiful hotel, it is inside the RIU HOTELS COMPLEX which means you´ll have more hotels of the same chain, but you´ll be in the top one, there is a casino in the next door RIU a very fun disco, good service, nice pool and beach, non motorized watersports includes, free wifi, 24hrs room service, 24hrs sports bar, shopping street, and many other amenities!

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