what should i do to travel to egypt from rammallah city in palestine to egypt ?


Country: Egypt


Hi moon i wish u r alright and god with all of u,
I think u r the only person who can know
if the situation in ur country allows u to travel any where or not and
I really hope to help u so send another question with more details.
hi there, please contact the nearest egyptian embassy or consolate to your city, and they would tell you what to do and what you need. it depends on what kind of passport you have; a jordanian,an israeli, or a palestanian
I think if you've a UN passport, u could easily visit Egypt, I do have a friend from the west bank working in here.
i guess u first if u have un pass u can get to the egyptian lands easy and never try the rafah coz its not secure from ur country and also u can travel through naples and then he to egypt easly also anotehr way through jordan and then to egypt easly
first i hope you are okay and good with you i think you should go to embassy and they will help you
I live in uSA, I do not know what is the visa agreement between Palestine and Egypt. Call the Egyptian embassy
Hi moon,I think all the ways to Egypt are closed that time
u can find any way in palestine with another country and from this country u can travel to Egypt or go to the egyptian embassy in palestine and u r welcome any time.
***hi moon sorry i cannot help u to travel to egypt now but i will be very happy to help u in arranging anything in egypt if i can.
***with all my best wishes***
i think u can travel through taba port and on it u ll have the visa only for south get visa for whole egypt u can contact the embassy
ramallah take a trasport to raffa at border there go kahira
AFTER THE offical proceders i think thier is buses to rafah and from rafah to egypt
hey how r u doin ?? i hope you are ok i think you should go to embassy and they will help you ,,
ya, hazem is right.
u never need to go to embssy , when between us is open just enter , and just say that u are palestinian , and its such honor for us to help u
it is better to prepare for your tour from you city
Please check our website and you will find what you need
Egypt Embassy , Palestine

Thawra Street - Al Remaal beside the Ministry of Social Affairs

My best suggestion is to talk to them as conditions fluctuate.... all the best

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