what hotels can you recomend in Lima with beaches ?

for family rest.


Country: Peru


Hi Olga are you looking for an expensive hotel?
Hello I recommend CAsa667, you can visit the blog
it is a great family quite home..
This might be a very nice place, but, definitely it is not by the is like 15 to 20 min, away but sadly the beaches don't invit for rest they are quite busy.
There is actually no hotel at the beach in lima I recomend punta hermosa 25 min away from lima, a beatifull sea side area with beaches for everybody not luxurious, clean easy living area I myself like to ex`pend my summers there

Most of the hotels close to the beach are in Miraflores 10 to 20' by taxi want stay a hotel or hostal front of the beach have to go to the souht of Lima: Punta Hermoza. San Bartolo, Santa Maria, Punta negra, so on
In Lima you can find accomodation in Miraflores District NEAR the beaches (it is situated on top of a hill overlooking the ocean) or go outh of Lima to Punta Hermosa, San Bartolo, Santa María, etc.where you´ll find accomodation for all kinds of budgets.
Yes, Lima is a city by the sea, and that is something unusual among old Viceroyal cities (Perú was a viceroyalty, not a colony, most people seem to forget such an important difference ¿legalist? a Bachelor is not the same as a PhD...), but Lima was also the center of SouthAmerica (called plainly "Perú" in some old maps) and the main port for taxes and fees. All commerce went through Lima and from there to the rest of the continent (which explains why many former cities on the commercial routes were abandoned after the independence)
Lima was located by the sea because of its wide bay and port (Callao) not because our contemporary taste for nice tan and sand.
There is no sun in Lima most of the year, and the sand heats up quickly (its mineral composition keeps heat making it uncomfortable for walking on sunny days) and is dark, the waves are too big for swimming, and though good for surfing you will need a wetsuit because water is really cold)
Probably this explains why there are no hotels by the beach ¿would you like a hotel by a dark sand or pebbles beach in front of a brown and cold sea? If you want a nice beach you will have to travel north almost by the border with Ecuador, there you have warm and clear waters, vegetation by the sea (in Lima the nearby beaches are in the middle of the desert, it is really awful and Limeños only like them because there is not anything better nearby...)

Lima always gave its back to the sea, knowing it is good for looking only a short time yearly, and normally covered with a thick fog, gray sky, and smelly, the city was built far from the shore, only the port by the seaside
Depens on what you are looking for:
if you want just a beautiful sea view, check out the MARRIOTT HOTEL in Lima and also the MIRAFLORES PARK PLAZA HOTEL, both are 5 stars hotel with a perfect vie of the pacific ocean.
If you want something less expensive, there are other hotels with a beautiful ocean view you can search: INKARI, EL FARO INN, CASA NOSTRA, etc.
If you want something IN the can go to the south of Lima and find cheap alternatives like: SAHARA BEACH (IN PUNTA NEGRA BEACH), CASA BARCO, MY SURF CAMP, HOSTAL MERLIN (ALL THOSE IN PUNTA HERMOZA BEACH) or something really cool in the beaches of Asia, (THE MOST BEAUTIFUL AND EXPENSIVE OF THE SOUTH OF LIMA) like the AQUAVIT HOTEL.
Also you have some places in the north of Lima like:

and also this quite awesome natural experience in the beach:

We are a couple willing to help you more if you come to peru, we have a small business: PERUVIAN LOCAL FRIEND, we are on facebook, we will like to show you our city and take you to the places locals eat, drink and have fun!...
If you are interested on having some friends when you arrive to lima and want to know the city with some friendly locals email us at:

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