Budget flights into Tokyo

Hi, I want to fly into Tokyo from Hong Kong or maybe shanghai but the flight prices are astronomical. Can you recommend a budget airline that will offer an affordable price. Thankyou


City: Tokyo

Prefecture: Tokyo

Country: Japan


There are many discount flights to Tokyo from Seoul, Korea
they are cheaper because a lot of Japanese stay and shop in Seoul so there are more frequent flights.
Good Luck!
Have you tried the Travelocity site or Expedia? They can choose some good flights for you. Or sometimes you can visit HIS (I am pretty sure they have an office in Hong Kong) and ask them if they can get you a good deal on the flight to Japan. Good luck!
You might VietNam Airlines. They have some of the cheapest flights I've seen. Also, Thai Air or Cathay are quite nice but not dirt cheap.
Try . I would also look into travel during October or November when it is low season for Japan. The weather is much nicer, plus you will be able to enjoy the autumn foliage!

Good luck!

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