what is the best town to be visited for Christmas in Italy?


Country: Italy


if you like snow and Xmas markets Bolzano
if you like fashion shopping Milano
if you dislike cold weather Napoli or Sicily
but, of course, I am Tuscan and I think the best choose is Florence with Xmas atmosphere, light ornaments along the roads, marvelous shopping and the possibility of day trips to Pisa and Siena. and it is cheap too, if you have the possibility to find a good offer. If you like an apartment rental you will sure find a last-minute or special offer.
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thank you.
If you like snow and skiing, you should go somewhere in the mountains, the Alps. Otherwise, if you don't like the cold, than go for Sicily or Sardegna. But keep in mind that Italy is a catholic country, so you might find very few people in the cities on Christmas day and the day after and also most of the shops closed.

: ) Barbara
Hi Olga,

It depends on your interests. If you are into sighteseing and christmas celebrations you should not miss Rome and the Vatican. If you are sporty and like skiing you should go to the Dolomites and if you are into a relaxing food&wine xmas then go to the Tuscany countryside.

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If you like Christ-mas as a Christ-ian there is no best place in the world as the Vatican City with the Pope in person celebrating the mots important events and in Navona Square you can see a piazza totaly devoted to the celebration of the oldest (and newest) traditions!
For Guided tours in the Vatican City or in the Eternal City you may chose what you like best on my web-site .
Wishing you a nice X'mas!

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