Hi!I fly to Venezia late at night on the 31st of August.Then I have to take a taxi to Lido di Jesolo (as I suppose there will be no...

...buses already?) How much it will cost ?


Country: Italy


Hi Please visit this web site, can you see the price of taxi in Venice:

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For more info you can also visit
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There are boats ACTV no buses.. You can find travel information here, it costs 6,5 euro for a single trip

Linea Fermata SalitaFermata Salita H Salita Fermata SalitaFermata Discesa H Discesa Durata Validità Guarda il percorso Orari

51 FERROVIA S.LUCIA DX 12:05 LIDO NORD SX 12:42 0.37 L M M G V S D Guarda il percorso Orari

2 FERROVIA SCALZI SX 12:11 LIDO NORD DX 12:54 0.43 L M M G V S D Guarda il percorso Orari

52 FERROVIA BAR ROMA 12:10 LIDO NORD DX 12:54 0.44 L M M G V S D Guarda il percorso Orari

1 FERROVIA S.LUCIA SX 12:04 LIDO SUD 12:59 0.55 L M M G V S _ Guarda il percorso Orari
There are always public busses, but during the night they are not so frequent as during the day. As you arrive at the Venice airport you may look for the bus races available at your time, or get out of the building, turn left and ask to the boat-taxi the rate they ask for the transfer you need. Then you will decide on your own.
Venice is however one of the most expensive cities in europe, both for tourists an for the locals ...!

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