i want to visit lukenya assist with tel number


City: Machakos

Province: Eastern

Country: Kenya


My number is +254736167088.please call me and i will assist you with all you want to know about Lukenya.
lukenya ranching and farming +254 045 22539

lukenya schools +254 045 22411
+254 020 2064566
I will be grateful to be of help to you. Don't hesitate calling me as am there for your service. My telephone number is: +254 711 714 316 plus youcan reach me via email: .
Thanks in advance
Well depends on what you want to do in Lukenya; Climbing, camping, hiking, birdwatching etc. . Warm regards.
lukenya town +254726343509
please get in touch with me via email: or +254718509200 thanks
It will depend whether you want to stay in a hotel or go for camping.

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