We're coming to Hawaii in Jan for our honeymoon and my Wife's 40th. Would like to meet locals and learn about Hawaii.

Any help would be appreciated.


City: Honolulu

State: Hawaii

Country: United States


Ash & Jan,

Each Island is very different, Honolulu is the states capitol. There is a ton of history both recent and modern in Oahu. The beaches are awesome and Honolulu has some of the finer eatery's in the state. However it is also the highest population and crowds are likely. If your looking for romance and adventure Id suggest Kauai or the big Island. 100% less commercial and rich in island culture. Lu'au's are the common tradition with tourist's but for a closer look and more personal experience, try the cultural centers or local tours of archeological sites. On the big Island, there is the most history. Active volcano, snow covered mountain tops, white sand beaches with little to no crowds, and lots of culture and history.

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