is February a nice time to travel to Thailand??? Is not rainy season right?


Country: Thailand


February is one of the best months to come and visit Thailand. It is not high summer and it is not monsoon. The weather is mild and that's why this is a high season month in Thailand. Why not come on over and give it a try!
December, January, and February are the three best months to travel in Thailand as they are the driest and coolest months of the year. Still plenty warm to go swimming and enjoy other water sports, but the water is more refreshing than the usual bath-like water temperature that you get in the hotter months. Be careful, once you visit Thailand you will likely never want to leave. It truly is PARADISE!
in February not rainy season.It's a nice weather here and not too hot.
Its the best time to travel in Thailand. The Thai people go also for holiday,especially to the north like Chiang Mai to enjoy the "cool" weather
Great time to visit Thailand. it is 'high season' the time when most tourists visit Thailand but although busier than other months it also means that everything is open (in the quiter months they tend to run less options for trips and transport). the weather is better at this time, less rain but also not too hot as it can get later on. Enjoy thailand
The weather in Phuket is great in February. Temparatures average between 25 to 35 Deg Centigrade. The winds are cool and humidity is much lower.
Things in February tend to revert back to normal after the busy new year period.
We welcome you to Phuket.

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