What is the exchange rate of a euro to the local egyptian currency? Is it good for shopping? Like for clothes? Is it safe?


Country: Egypt


Each Euro equals eight Pounds.
So it is totally safe and good for shopping.
There are many exchange offices in Cairo. Don't Worry.
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the exchange rate for 1 euro 7.50 to 8 egyptian pound .......and its really safe to do shoping here in egypt other wise u will find all international names like adidas nike etc.......with more less money than wher you live.....hope for you the best always take care an be safe if you want any more informeation contact me on here an will answer you back good luck x
hi i wish for you nice vacation in egypt
as for exchange rate it changes daily between 7.7 LE to 8.3 LE and it's totally safe to make shopping in Egypt and you can go to City Stars Mall for shopping as it 's the biggest mall in the middle east and have all the brands
also this rate is very good for you as euro is higher than the egyptian pound and you can buy many items with little money
the rate is 1.00 EUR = 7.68082 EGP

it is safe and good for shopping.
it's very easy and very safe
it is about 8 LE, yes you can use it everywhere, actually it is easier to use LE , , yes in general egypt is a safe country, but always use your inner sight and intuition, if you do not feel you do not want it, do not do it or do not accept it, welcome to egypt
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1.00 EUR = 7.64161 EGP
Shopping is safe and very easy, exchange rate is 7.50-8 LE for 1 Euro

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