Is it hot in December

what tempaerature is it? What should I wear?


Country: Morocco


in december the temperature is arround 22° you have to wear a jacket
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The temperature can in the nighttime go down to approx +5 if we have a cold spell. The rulei is in general to have warmer clothes for inside than for outside, since the houses are made to keep the heat out.
Marrakech has ca 300 sundays a year and whenever you are in the sun it is fairly warm, around 20 degrees. But the shade and evenings can be pretty freezing.
it's between 6c to 20c in cities & -2 to 15 in Mountains
well, weather can be funny even during december times!!
Usually it is cold especially during night times and again it it all depends where you are: desrt and mountains tendf to be chilly but days could be great..20 to 24° a day if no rain at all. it should be ok if you equip yourself properly!!
If december if you go to the mountains or the desert it will be cold. Specially in the night. You should be prepered with polar coats.
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I’m mountain guide and as I live in high Atlas, During December, you can expect snow on higher ground, but it normally stays clear in the valleys where most of the walking takes place. Thus this time of year should be considered by the more experienced walkers, used to winter walking.
Cold at night with the chance of snow and
Ice at higher altitudes.

So, you have to bring:

* Waterproofs and fleece/duvet jackets.
* Thermal underwear

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No it is definitely not. It is usually mild in the day and quite chilly at night along the Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts. Inland and on the mountains it varies from very cool to cold. Temperatures can vary by a dozen degrees celcius between a sunny and shady spot, and up to 20 between the day and night.
it's not ot it's warm

Can be cold during night (over 5 to 10°) and little bit cold during the day (max 20°)


and sometimes it dropps below 0 in some places.
not really

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