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Hello, my name is Laura and i am from Germany. In August me and my boyfriend travel to Thailand. Because of his birthday I want to suprise him with a special present: paragliding. I read that you can give me some informations about where he could do that? It would be very great. Best regards from Germany, Laura


Country: Thailand


Hals- und Beinbruch und andere Gruesse aus Thailand!
HI Laura
You can go paragliding from most of the beaches in Thailand. In Phuket arround 900 THB for a trip :-)
Have fun.
Most of the beaches in Phuket and Koh Samui can do paragliding, but Phuket will be cheaper, and more activities to do ! especially, Patong beach..
Dear laura,
there's a school in Rayon where your friend can get lessons.
Hallo Laura.
Paragliding wird an allen Beach-Resorts angeboten. Bitte
vorher abmachen was Zeit (1',2',5'10', 15 Min) und Preis
betrifft (1 Runde/400 Baht)...... Vorsicht vor Abzockern ..... Viel Spass.
Hi Laura
You did not mention whether your boyfriend has any experience with paragliding? If he is experienced and if you are coming to Phuket check out:
Hello Laura
For paragliding Wilfrieds answer is good. This is where you jump off a mountain and glide under a big " Wing ".
Also in Phuket we have parasailing, where a big parachute is towed behind a speedboat. Best for that is in Patong, Phuket.
Have fun.
For paragliding, as others have mentioned before, go to . On the other hand, if you mean parasailing, that can be done from most Thai beaches (not in the Hua Hin area). For parasailing no pre-booking is needed. Just walk up to the operator. They will give you a briefing and off you go.

Feel free to contact me via (natürlich auch in deutsch).

Have a nice sail.
Try this website for some great information on paragliding in thailand. Enjoy your trip :-)

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