Hi! We''ll be in Ljubaniste Saturday night (01.08.09). 3 persons and a wing, from Romania. We're going paragliding around there. We...

...need a place to stay for 5-7 nights. Camping or hostel. Max. 4 euros/pers./night. Very important, if we'll arrive in the middle of the night...must be a 24 h open.


City: Ohrid

Municipality: Ohrid

Country: Macedonia


Hi. there is a camp near Ljubanishte, i think it`ll suits u. and also, there are alot of private houses that rent rooms, so i don`t believe u`ll have a problem finding a place even if u show up un anounced. i don`t know if there is a hostel near the place, i think not.
anyway, bare in mind that 02.08 a big national holyday in Macedonia, so it`s THE MOST CROWDED one in the whole year and Ohrid lake is the place where almost everyone goes at the time... I hope/know you`ll have a great time
luckily found a free room...very nice people, so nice place...and yes it was very very crowded.
Thx again.
Hi Lelia,
You can stay in the in the camping area Ljubaniste or stay in some private villas in the village Ljubaniste, but this time of the year is very hard to find available bed. The best and most economic place to stay probably is the camp Ljubaniste but I am not sure that is open 24/7. If you arrive late you can place your own camp only for the night very close to the actual camping area on some meadows. If you have some additional questions feel free.
I can tell you this, that you have made a perfect decision paragliding here, because it has one of the most beautiful scenery in the world.
we found a free room, awesome site for para. We'll come again.
there is a camp exactly in Ljubanishte. Also you may find a room to stay in the village itself.

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