Is it convenient and safe to stay in harbour Ville Hotel? I want easy access of transportation from hotel to Sentosa Island everyday....

...Staying in Sentosa island itself is over my budget.


Country: Singapore


Hi the location is really easy to get to Sentosa island & Chinatown. It's probably one of the best locations on the fringe of the city. You can take a taxi or buses like 143 to take you to Harbour Front from which you can either catch a bus or a ferry to Sentosa.
I agree with the answer above. It's pretty convenient to get to Sentosa from Harbor Ville Hotel

As for safety, the place is a little bit deserted as compared to other hotels in Singapore, but you generally don't have to worry about safety in Singapore. Most establishments are respectable, and as long as you don't go about flaunting anything you should be fine.
Well Harbour Ville Hotel may not be located in the city hub But rest assured that its quite SAFE in Singapore,even late at nite. Yes,access to Sentosa is very convenient. U just need to get yourself to Harbourfront either by d mrt or bus. Afterwhich u can get across to Sentosa by taxi, train or even on foot ( where u get to exercise & also see more things on the way). When u're @ Sentosa u'll find lots of stuff to keep u occupied for the whole day. Im sure u'll enjoy yourself @ Sentosa. So have an enjoyable stay. Cheers :)

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