Does the south of Italy, camping, free parking, mud can we stay free from somebody else's land?


Country: Italy


In the south of Italy I would not recommend free camping to nobody nowhere. Mud is not a problem in the summer season.
I agree with my colleague, plenty of places, but really very questionnable to park or free camping anywhere in southern Italy.
I would suggest you check the internet for guidance and check for sites like to see if there's any camping that suits your needs. In any event I agree with previous posts: don't camp in any public/private site unless it is clearly stated that camping there is allowed, avoid even those if you are the only one camping there.
Nancy Aiello
Officially I also advice you not to camp in areas not listed ....
anyway, if you want to do free camping i suggest you to search the disco and raggae parties that there are now in Salento .....
there are various festivals and many people, so probably there aren't problems .....

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