I have a 5-hr layover in Singapore. Would it be possible to visit the city and take a quick tour?


Country: Singapore


1) Check out the SIngapore Tourist Promotion board , you can google and find their website. Theyhave new deals for tourist who are on layover for 3 hours or more.Great deals await you.
But with 5 h, you might want to decide on a theme like local food, sight seeing may be limited to a few places and shopping is one thing you can definitely cram into your schedule, Ion Orchard is the latest state of the art shopping mall in Orchard Road and adds a distinctive class to the entire reportoire of shops there.Reminds me of Madison Avenue in N.Y.C
I think Changi Airport has a booth whereby tourists are able to enjoy free Singapore tours. I think you you can find the information from the Changi Airport website.

If you want to go on a quick tour, it is still possible. It'll take you no more than 35 mins to reach the city. However, the city only boast rows of shopping centres and maybe a couple of historical monuments. It really depends on what do you want to experience in that 5 hours.

If you want to just have lunch and check out local neighbourhood mall
( comparable to those in city area actually), you can visit the eastern side of Singapore. It's really near the airport. About 10 mins train ride max.

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